Session 26: Haste Makes DEATH!

Oldschool Session 26 was played on Monday, Nov 11th , 2013 using ACKS

Summer, Week Three

They see me rollin
They hatin
Patrolling they tryin to catch me ridin dirty

The Crimson Blades were rollin' dirty all up over the keep and the Borderlands. Walkin' here, killin' there, lootin' yonder, carousin' and partyin'…"a humblin'" was bound to be heading their way sooner or later. All went well in the beginning, promises of treasure swelled the ranks of the Blades to a respectable party size and they went forth without fear. As the pumped up party entered the area of the caves they saw a flying beast take off in the distance. To Cord's keen eye it looked like it was made of stone. Kellin, Tharal, and Tarsus all remembered what Salon's men said about the stone flying beast attacking their party. Deciding to take revenge on Salon's fallen man the party headed into the trees and tried to ambush the flying beast. Surprise wasn't on their side and a battle ensued in the middle of the open. The gargoyle fell beneath the Crimson Blades' blows, spewing inky black blood. While Kellin and Cord debated the merits of rendering the gargoyle's body Tarsus noticed a band of rings wrapped around the arm of the dead monster which he promptly claimed as a spoil of war. Meanwhile Kellin severed the head to take back and present to Salon while Cord amputated the wings in hope of turning them into a suit of armor at the keep.

Venturing forth into the maze cave the party found themselves lost and confirmed that they were once again in the minotaur den. Knowing the bull man was dead was a relief to the Blades as they turned and twisted their way out of the cave. Before they could find an exit the men (and lizard) were set upon by stirges. They were dispatched with a quickness, but not before they could do some damage to a few of the adventurers. Kellin made an example of the flying insects, in one swing he slew five of the creatures. It was impressive to all who saw. Shortly after the battle the opening to the cave appeared and the Crimson Blades left another cave, shaking the dust from their boots off on the way out.

Heading towards the cave they came to explore the men found a winding path littered with debris and bones and a few faint footprints. As they approached the cave the environment became more and more twisted and wrong: the tree limbs drooped as if melting, leaves were multi-hued, and the smell assaulted their noses. The more experienced members of the party, veterans of many caves, all were struck by how wrong the area felt. But, no strangers to danger, the men approached the extra large entrance to the cave. At least twenty feet across the entrance loomed above them. Their feet echoed on smooth, polished floors, any pretense of surprise was lost. Wary of traps the team inched forward as Tarsus and Cord checked for anything amiss. A shambling, scraping, moaning noise alerted the men to something coming up from behind them. Turning a veritable army of zombies was fast (as they could be) approaching. Battle ensued, Kellin, Jeroth!Bah, and Kujuiira took them on while Tarsus, Tharal, and Kord attacked from the back row. Although disgusting smelling and reeking of foul magic, the zombies fell (again). One of the zombies had a mysterious amulet that ended up in the bags of the party.

A few twists and turns later and the Crimson Blades found themselves crawling past a rubble pile and into some sort of throne room. A large raised dias (empty, thank god) sat at the end of the hall, each wall was lined with skeletons. Maybe this wasn't the Blades' finest hour…fearing the dead attacking from some sort of ambush the party decided (sort of decided) to attack them first. Splitting up, on the count of three, the party started knocking skeletons apart while Kord hung back and prepared to cover the party. As soon as the party attacked the skeletons they came to life with a swiftness that shocked everyone who saw it happening. Before they knew it the Crimson Blades were surrounded on all sides by skeletons who seemed to move with uncanny speed. Attacking twice for every attack the party began to feel dismayed and in mortal danger. Skeletons fell while the party regrouped around one another. Tharal fell while protecting Tarsus. It was a sad moment but he took many skeletons with him. Jeroth!Bah overcame an apparent dislike of dead flesh and reclaimed his warrior status, slaying many of the dead. As the last undead foe fell the party rendered aid to Tharal and successfully brought him back from the brink of death. Sadly he wasn't the same…his hand was mangled beyond repair and he seemed shaken far beyond his normally confident state.

Realizing that retreat was desperately needed, the group pried the rubies from the throne and basically ran from the cave. Chased by noises and an ominous opening door at the end of the hallway the Crimson Blades fled back towards the Keep to lick their wounds. The only thing that was dirty when they arrived was their filthy clothes, blood streaked and torn. The innkeeper hinted that they wouldn't be welcome much longer at the inn, there was just too much danger surrounding the group. And when they awoke in the morning Tharal was gone with his gear and share of the loot. There goes our plan for having a butler. The skeletons amulets were turned over to the priest who was so shocked at the evil present that even with our reputation he offered to accompany us on the next sally to the cave. His help should be welcome and useful!

Total Treasure, Items, and Experience

Expedition Roster:
Principles: Kellin, Tarsus, Kujujira, Kord, Jeroth!Bah
Henchmen: Tharal (left the party a cripple after this session)

13 stirges
8 zombies
12 skeletons

collection of gold rings and bracelets from gargoyle
13 peculilar amulets of a magic nature (given to Jophar and acolytes)
4 large rubies pried from gilded wood throne

580 XP to each PC
290 XP to each Henchmen
523gp, 8sp to each PC.
130gp 9sp 5cp to Tharal. (25% share)

(Tharal was greviously wounded fighting skeletons and lost his left hand. He was later discovered to have taken his treasure share and fled during the night while recovering from his wound at the keep. Shoddy treatment by employers is suspected cause.)

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