Session 25: Channeling Theseus

Oldschool Session 25 was played on Wednesday, Nov 6th , 2013 using ACKS

Summer, Week 2

A few members of the Crimson Blades, riding high from their victorious fight with the bugbears, got together while healing from their wounds. Drinks were drunk, words were exchanged, and plans laid to go back and explore the secret passage that was found. Kellin and Tharall and Tarsus sought out Salon to see if he was up for more high adventure. Alas, he was “occupied” but did agree to send four men with us as an escort. So off we went towards the mysterious caves. Oh yeah, there was another guy, Krdan, who Tarsus hired, a local thug or enforcer of some kind who seemed ready for battle. Surely this would go well.

The band reached the caves without incident and quickly stashed Bill and the wagon and their blue bedecked escort near the edge of the copse of trees the bugbear den is hidden in. Knowing that there were still bugbear children alive when they left Tarsus crept forward into the cave and listened intently. Nothing was heard so Kellin and Tharall came forward and we headed for the stairs. Tarsus’s bodyguard, suited up in plate mail purchased for him accompanied the trio up to the secret passage. The den was dark, trails of blood and bloody drag marks the only sign of the previous occupants and the horrors done their previously. Expecting traps and ambushes we slowly made our way up the stairs and formulated our plan of attack…which was basically open the secret door, jump out, attack whatever was on the other side and prepare to run if overwhelmed. Good times.

Opening the door we jumped out and promptly were attacked by giant luminous beetles. Our new follower acquitted himself greatly by taking down one of the beetles quickly. And just as quickly was taken down by the remaining beetles which the rest of us made short work of. It was hard to feel anything for him. Krdan died. He fought. It was hard enough to find him to hire, we fear that finding more hirelings will be virtually impossible in the near future. Respectfully we placed Krdan’s body on the bed and re-entered the secret chamber.

Chattering noises came at us from every angle, some great beast bellowed in the distance and we quickly became disoriented. Each passageway and turn looked like the next. Kellin blew his horn with much greater effect than last time and each time the beast down there bellowed in return. Our heads began to pound with some sort of shared headache which was cut short by the arrival of more beetles. Kellin and Tharall took the lead and dispatched the beetles with a swiftness that bordered on uncanny. Just as we were congratulating ourselves on our victory Tarsus got a bad feeling and turned which is how he avoided the worst of the great beast’s charge. Some foul horned monster with the head of a bull laid waste to the party: striking blows left and right. Tarsus fell from a heavy bite. There was no trickery, no strategy, just Kellin and Tharall standing toe-to-toe with a snorting, chainmail clad minotaur. The outlook was grim and entirely in doubt when a few strong blows from the fighting men felled the minotaur. Kellin thought quickly and shoved a healing potion down the throat of Tarsus’s limp body. Fate smiled on the young thief and he awoke just before his heart stopped. It was as if all was a bad dream.

A few more twists and turns and the tunnels spit our band out into the bull’s lair, its floor a macabre pattern of bones and skulls. The only feature of the room was a pile of skins, human and otherwise, and furs. We searched in vain for treasure or anything sellable. Finally we turned up a lever at the back of the cave that opened a large slab of stone revealing many treasures! A slender suit of plate mail and a spear with a charging bull etched on it leaned against the back while three chests stood stacked one atop the other. Each chest was locked tight but Tarsus had no doubts that he could get into the chests. With barely any effort he opened the first two chests exposing necklaces and multiple, different types of potions-cloudy and clear and swirling. The third chest unlocked and opened for Tarsus’s quick fingers. But he wasn’t quick enough to avoid the large needle that now lodged into his hand. Somehow the fates again smiled on him and he managed to squeeze some foul liquid out of a blister in the palm of his hand with no long term (so far) effects. The now open third chest contained piles and heaps of coin. Quickly the men shoved the treasure into bags and headed for the tunnels to avoid an oncoming noise they couldn’t identify.

As soon as the men stepped into the tunnels the headaches returned and they were disoriented beyond belief. Only through randomly plodding along staring at their feet were they able to backtrack and find the secret entrance. Alas, Bill and the wagon and the Blue Riders were nowhere to be found although tracks lead off back towards the keep. Leaving Krdan’s body under a covering of leaves the three men rushed after the tracks and luckily caught up with the men and horses (which bolted from some unknown sounds) and returned to the keep, victorious, richer, and happy to be alive. Maybe no one will notice that we’re short a man?

Total Treasure, Items, and Experience

Expedition Roster:
Principles: Kellin, Tarsus
Henchmen: Tharal, Kardon

1 minotaur & 5 fire beatles slain

Two locked chests of gold coins and expensive jewelry.

  • Magic corkscrew wood staff
  • vial of "fog"
  • vial of clear liquid
  • vial of purple bubling liquid
  • magical platemail of elven size

1856 XP to each PC
928 XP to each Henchmen
1860gp to each PC.
465gp Tharal. (25% share)

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