Session 24: Riding The Bugbears Blue

Oldschool Session 24 was played on Wednesday, October 16th , 2013 using ACKS


After my first, wildly successful (we found a silver chalice and a large bronze gong!!!), run to the Caves of Chaos I set out once more with a few of the men of the Crimson Blades. I count my blessings that I found the Crimson Blades and they allowed me to join them in their glorious exploits. In the short time I've been amongst them I've seen and done amazing things from walking with a talking lizard to rushing forward to help a wounded comrade. It is a loose knit group, loyal to one another but not all able to rally for every trek to the U-shaped valley holding the caves. After our last outing we were approached by a band of mounted horsemen. Not centaurs. Men riding horses. They seemed like a bunch of puffed up dandies and all who spoke to them felt an intense and immediate dislike. After speaking with them Kellin acknowledged they were from the same homeland. Their leader, Solan, came with news that Kellin was a wanted man in the land of his birth, responsible for the death of a man during a bar fight. There were some tense moments until Salon made it clear that he wasn't here to cash in on the 750GP fine and public whipping that Kellin owes as punishment.

Instead the Blue Riders were here to try and share in the glory and learn the tips of the trade from the best in the business, the Crimson Blades. Which is how we found ourselves rolling down the road, the faithful donkey Bill pulling our cart, surrounded by 20 of the blue sash wearing riders and their loudmouthed leader. I may not have much experience down in the dungeons but even I know that this guy seems full of himself and the "nobility" of battle. I'm in this for cash so I can fund a small guild of thieves. In fairness they did settle down into a semblance of order and discipline. We reached the caves without incident. The mighty Blue Riders didn't want to dismount and join us. They did make themselves useful by agreeing to guard Bill and the cart while we went inside to finish what the Bugbears started last week.

Four of us, Kellin, Tharal, myself, and an extremely bedraggled dwarf named Kajira, crept inside the Bugbear den. We began to implement our plan sneaking along the hallways to rig booby traps so we could ambush the foul, flop eared creatures. Before we could string a single trip wire or lay any oil slick the damned creatures heard us and began their assault. Fearing being trapped between two forces we began a withdraw to a more advantageous fighting position. Our friend Kellin took a mighty blow while we withdrew but he rallied. We fought toe to toe with the three, my missile fire downed one. I was almost giddy with joy, felling the brute did wonders for our parties morale (I assume). I saw the most amazing site of my young life. I hadn't understood why the dwarf had shards of glass and bits of metal woven in the filthy, matted thicket of his beard until this moment. With a great cry Kajira jumped forward and latched onto the crotch of the bugbear shaking his head back and forth with great fury. The blood and cries that slipped from the mouth of the dying bugbear were almost enough to illicit sympathy. But not really. The dwarf came up for air, covered with gore and smelling of death, and brought the mother of all prizes with him: bugbear schlong.

We figured the jig was up so we made do and began laying our traps. Caltrops and oil were spread and Kellin used his warhorn to sound the alarm and draw any more of the beasts into our trap. The war horn probably didn't work as advertised…it sounded like an old farmer passing gas. But it worked and suddenly we found ourselves faced with multiple bugbears. We went blow for blow until Kellin took a great hit and we decided to ignite our trap. It was a hideous sight, like the sun blooming inside, flames leaping for the ceiling, bugbear fur burning, their dog like flesh dripping in greasy strings off their bodies. It was hard to watch, but they were easy to kill while on fire. It appeared to be too much for Kajira so he headed back to the wagon to wait. We looted bodies in the traditional way and convinced the leader of the Blue Riders to join us in our mission to continue clearing the cave which at this point we assumed was almost empty.

Deeper into the cave we found a room filled with bug bears of all sizes and ages. They surrendered immediately and begged for their lives through signs. Kellin cleverly forced them to turn over their coins and valuables. Leaving them with their lives we were feeling especially charitable. We wedged the door shut and moved forward. Suddenly we were set upon by hoards of goblins and kobolds. Kellin and Tharal both slew one, splitting them in half, before realizing they were just running by us. Speaking with a human we discovered they were escaped slaves and let them go. At this we were feeling quite charitable and in good spirits so we headed further into the dungeon where a furious battle took place. The outcome was in doubt as we retreated back up the stairs. Luckily the fates smiled on our mission and we all survived the melee. Voices and figures moved at the bottom of the stairs and we prepped for another fight. Instead we were able to convince a common speaking hobgoblin to kill the last remaining bugbear. They weren't happy about it but they were clearly in fear of our prowess. The job was done and we allowed the hobgoblins and gnolls to leave with their lives. We hope it doesn't come back to haunt us.

All that was left to do was loot and count our winnings. It was slim pickings, the rubies and gold earrings we took off the dead bugbears the only thing of any value we'd found so far. Living the Crimson Blades motto we considered taking the iron slave pen doors with us. As it was we did remove chains and locks. Upstairs our patience was rewarded with a chest of silver and silk linens. A fine axe and shield were found along with a curious statute of an albino lizard man. On our way out we discovered a hidden passage that we believe leads to the next complex. When we return this way we will use this door to surprise whatever foul creature is on the other side.

On our return we were told that one of the Blue Riders was killed by a winged stone figure from the sky. The creature tore the throat of one of the men but other than that they were all okay. All in all, a win. We returned to the keep to celebrate our gains, tend our wounds, and plan our return.

- Tarsus

Total Treasure, Items, and Experience PART A

Expedition Roster:
Principles: Kellin, Tarsus, Kujujira
Henchmen: Tharal

3 Bugbears = 195 XP
2 Bugbear Females = 40 XP
1 Bugbear Boss = 140 XP

Total Encounter XP = 375 XP

Loose Coins = 57gp 1sp, 6gp
gold earrings = 100gp
3 rubies = 150gp
6 flails = 30gp
silver ewer = 175gp

Total Treasure = 512.6gp

Total Expedition XP = 887.6 XP

235 XP to each PC
127 XP to each Henchmen
170gp, 8sp, 6cp to each PC.
42gp 7sp 1cp to Tharal. (25% share)

Total Treasure, Items, and Experience PART B

Expedition Roster:
Principles: Kellin, Tarsus, Solan
Henchmen: Tharal

3 Bugbears = 195 XP
3 Bugbear Females = 60 XP

Total Encounter XP = 225 XP

six silk sheets = 120gp
5 flails = 30gp
pile of silver coins = 1462sp

Kept Items:
magical round wooden shield with red lion rampant on white field
magical bearded 2-H axe
2 clear potions
alabaster & ivory statue of lizardman in lotus position blessing with one hand and other offering a fish.

Total Treasure = 296.2gp

Total Expedition XP = 551.2 XP

157 XP to each PC
79 XP to each Henchmen
91gp, 1sp, 3cp to each PC.
22gp 7sp 8cp to Tharal. (25% share)


Kellin and Tarsus seek out the Keep's banker to broker a deal of selling the large magical axe.
After several days of appraisal and checking, the banker Tolith will have it sold in a city to the east and keep a protion of the sale as commision and fees. The proceeds are split between the members who recovered the axe, and the funds are made secure by the bank.

magical axe = 4000gp

1143 XP to each PC (Kellin, Tarsus, Solan.)
571 XP to each Henchmen (Tharall)
1230gp, 7sp, 7cp to each PC.
307gp 6sp 9cp to Tharal. (25% share)

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