Session 23: Napalm Death and Other Stories

Oldschool Session 23 was played on Wednesday, October 9th , 2013 using ACKS


Just before setting out to The Caves of Chaos a man claiming to be a burglar joined our group. If his claim is true his skills are definitely needed. As we are still a new company yet I am not sure at what point he will become one of us. I suppose surviving a few outings and getting along with most of us is part of the process. We should work this out over time… Anyways, three Crimson Blades, the hopeful Tarsus, and the hireling Tharal returned to the orc den for its final cleansing. We took our time searching thoroughly throughout for any remaining denizens and treasures. At the final intersection in front of the other exit I strode ahead of the group to peer out and get my bearings. I walked into a tripwire and was instantly trapped in a heavy net that fell from the ceiling while odd bits of metal and other junk set off a loud alarm. This is the second time! The second gods damn time that I have been trapped in this same net in this same spot! Damn it all!!! Fool me twice….

The others began working on the ropes with their various blades when a large tentacled grub of some sort scuttled towards us out of a dark side passage. Its glistening tentacles instantly paralized Tarsus, Juroth!Bah, and Tharal. I was frantically trying to cut my way out of the net leaving only Gildenbough. I thought this was the end of all of us. The tentacled horror was right on top of me when the elf cast it into an enchanted slumber.

Once I was out the elf and I moved the others to the entrance. I ran back into the orc den to recover a bale of cotton that we discovered earlier. I ripped it up and covered the sleeping monster with it. Between us we had three and a half flasks of oil which we doused the crawler with then proceeded to light it ablaze. It shrieked and thrashed briefly then went silent. The damn thing burned for at least ten minutes then smoldered for who knows how long. It was glorious.

The others came out of their poisoned stupor shortly thereafter. They seemed fine so we approached the Bugbear den hidden in the copse of trees just to the north. Signage written in various languages at the entrance invites people in for a meal. Writing seems dishonest to me. Why can't people just say what they mean? We cautiously entered and turned down a passage to the left. We quickly came upon a sort of mess room with three of the large and hairy Bugbears sitting at a table eating skewers. They seemed calm as we came in and made gestures as if to offer us food. The elf made orc-speak with them. My mistrust in them was well placed. The beasts suddenly stabbed Tharal with their skewers several times nearly killing him. The rest of us made short work of them while Tarsus covered our rear. We took a few meager coins and an old brass gong from this place and returned to the keep. If this thief survives a few more of these outings he may become a Crimson Blade Yet.

—Kellin Greyfield

Total Treasure, Items, and Experience

Expedition Roster:
Principles: Kellin, Gildenbough, Jeroth!Bah, Tarsus (1st game)
Henchmen: Tharal

3 Bugbears = 192 XP
1 Carrion Crawler = 135 XP

Total Encounter XP = 327 XP

Silver bowl = 50gp
Coinage = 18gp 4cp
Sold 3 flails & 1 gong = 30gp

Total Treasure = 98gp 4cp

Total Expedition XP = 425 XP

95 XP to each PC
48 XP to each Henchmen
23gp 6cp to each PC.
5gp 7sp 6cp to Tharal. (25% share)

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