Session 22: Experts In Oil, Murder, And Looting

Oldschool Session 22 was played on Wednesday, September 25, 2013 using ACKS

The Crimson Blades set forth yet again to bring order to The Caves of Chaos. We returned to The Hall of Heads, the den of a small orc tribe that we previously did battle with. We left Greenleaf, Tharal, and Razmus outside to guard the entrance and protect the cart and mule. The rest of us systematically cleared the cave of valuables and its remaining denizens. We were surprised by three poisonous cave vipers while searching a store room but managed to take them out quickly with the expert marksmanship of Gildenbough. Shortly after that Gildenbough's keen elvish senses helped us find several secret passages. One was an alcove behind a tapestry, the other was a well made one-way stone door. Kujira and I worked on the stonework door with pick, hammer, and spike for over an hour and a half before we broke it open. Swinging the damaged door open revealed a small room with another one-way door leading into the flank of another orc den. We followed a long hall north from this secret room. An orcish warrior jumped at me from the darkness, screaming something between a battle cry and a shout of warning. I silenced him quickly but not quickly enough.

We heard the noise of many warriors organizing and running our way. We backed into the the secret room so our enemies could not surround us as easily. I had just enough time to empty two flasks of lamp oil on the ground before us and take up sword and shield again before they were upon us. The first wave hit the oil, slid to the ground and were quickly dispatched. But they kept coming. I fought shoulder to shoulder with Kujira. Juroth!Bah was just behind us picking off an orc or two with his mighty long spear. Gildenbough fired a few arrows past us into the frey and cast the final group of orcs into an enchanted sleep we never let them awake from. One got away, he somehow resisted the elvish magic and even took an arrow in the back, he still ran off into the darkness screaming in his guttural language.

We knew the day was growing late so gathered up a few final bits of loot and exited The Hall of Heads. Greenleaf and the two hirelings were hiding in a copse of trees with the cart and mule. They waved us down. Aparently the orc chieftan of the next cave and the ragtag remains of his tribe ran for their lives but took a few potshots at our rear guard. Razmus was slain by an arrow. On the way back to the keep I decided to bury him in a thicket just off of the side of the road. Razmus was a quiet and simple man. Competent in his combat ability but his luck had just run out. He died in his armor. He died well.

—Kellin Greyfield


Total Treasure, Items, and Experience

Expedition Roster:
Principles: Greenleaf, Kujira, Kellin, Gildenbough, Jeroth!Bah
Henchmen: Tharal & Razmus

3 Poisonous Cave Vipers = 114 XP
9 Orcs = 90 XP

Total Encounter XP = 204 XP

9 right orc ears = 45gp
Coinage = 196gp 5cp
Sold Weapons & Equipment = 207gp (Found a dealer in town to buy servacable weapons. Sold items struck from party inventory.)
Magic Identification Service = -50
Clear potion(healing, scroll with jagged elvish script (fireball)

Total treasure = 398.05

Total Expedition XP = 652xp

119 XP to each PC
60 XP to each Henchmen
257.95gp to each PC.
63.73gp to Tharal. (25% share)

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