Session 21: These Aren't The Orcs You Are Looking For

Oldschool Session 21 was played on Friday, September 20, 2013 using ACKS

It's now early spring. The crimson blades are overly rested and very bored. We rounded up some of our men and a few others: Cord the thief, Greenleaf the elf, Razmus (my hireling), Tharal (my newest hireling) and myself Kellin Greyfield. We returned yet again to the caves of chaos. We cautiously entered a cave that we thought was an orcish stronghold that we had been in before. The front hall was lined with alcoves, each decorated with the severed head of a humanoid. This is not the cave I thought we were returning to. We pressed on anyways. A cleverly camouflaged scout alerted more orcs from within and we were attacked from two sides. We backed a ways into the entry hall causing our enemies to bottleneck. Razmus slipped during our tactical move, was momentarily left undefended, and was quickly incapacitated. The rest of us held our ground, we slew a half dozen or so orcs and the onslaught stopped. Tharal the new hireling did very well in the fight. We gathered up their coins and Razmus and returned to the keep. Jofar the priest of Heironn was summoned and healed Razmus. He still needs a lot of rest and may never be able to adventure again. While waiting for news about Razmus Kujira the dwarf returned to the inn.

We went back to the cave to finish off the orc tribe living within. Cord snuck in first and detected movement just inside. The party let loose three volleys of fire then advanced in for melee with Kujira and myself in the lead. Our bolts and arrows had felled another warrior and several females. Most of the bodies that we had left had been drug down the hall to the left. We followed. The hall quickly opened into a much larger chamber and all the remaining orcish warriors and their chieftain rushed towards us. The battle lasted only a minute or two but was very ferocious. Kujira immediately fumbled his axe to the floor and followed the maneuver by going into some strange berserker rage, he grappled the oversized chieftain and and ground his barb studded beard into his opponents face. Kujira held on for longer than I thought possible before being slammed to the ground. The chieftains face was a bloody ruin. I held the front line beside Kujira with shield and sword slowly injuring and slaying my enemies, fighting them two at a time. While this was happening Greenleaf was loosing arrows from the back of the line and Cord tossed burning oil into the fray burning an orc alive. The conflagration created enough of a distraction for Cord to sneak around the edge of the fight. From the shadows beyond the orcs Cord had stealthily positioned himself for sniping and felled two or three of the orcs while remaining unseen. The chieftan finally went down with a mighty blow from Kujira's mace. We drove the females and children from the caves of chaos and carried our hard earned treasure home.

—Kellin Greyfield


Total Treasure, Items, and Experience

//Expedition Roster:
Principles: Greenleaf, Kujira, Cord, Kellin
Henchmen: Tharal & Razmus

12 Male Orcs = 120 XP
2 Mean Female Orcs = 20 XP
1 Orc Boss = 50 XP

Total Encounter XP = 190 XP

18 right orc ears = 90gp
Coinage = 64gp, 6sp
Orc Boss' gold ring with diamond = 700gp
chainmail, mace, magic wood shield with charging boar emblazoned

Total treasure = 854.6gp

Total Expedition XP = 1044.6gp

209 XP to each PC
105 XP to each Henchmen
262.95gp to each PC.
65.73gp to Tharal. (25% share)

Note that the division of XP represents a new, simple and traditional division of XP. Full shares for PCs and half shares for any henchmen made from the total party XP for the session from encounters and treasure. Treasure is still divided according to hiring agreement of henchmen.

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