Crimson Blades at last!!!

After much heated and disinterested discussion, our party decided on a name that would not be weak, homoerotic, or otherwise easy to make fun of. We are the Crimson Blades.

A little while later we decided to go to the Caves of Mystery, no the Bugbear Cave, no the Goblin/Hobgoblin Complex. This time, to test whether we have really cleaned this place out, we elected to go through the Hobs' front door. The place was pretty empty, only a few hobgoblins here and there. We did come upon a room held by hobgoblin torturers. They had their own brand of special-looking leather strap armor and whips to boot. Basic torturer attire. I once dated this dark elf chick who dressed like that. We dispatched the torturers and their handmaidens without much trouble. Although the handmaidens may have been prisoners, but hey, we're not called the Crimson Blades for nothing!

We released a human merchant, his wife, and two of their hired guards. The man and woman were very gracious and offered us money and the services of their guild. The guards offered us their service for a year's time. There was also this persuasive orc warrior who offered his services for his freedom as well. A creepy, and slavering gnoll wanted to be freed as well, but most were content to leave it. Before I left the room, I left the key within his reach and told him to wait until we were gone to use it. I assume that is what happened, because we never saw him again.

In true hero fashion, we used the newly freed prisoners to help us pack out the loot we had originally came to the dungeon for. We returned to town to the warmest reception that this group has ever received at the Keep. The orc elected to stay outside the Keep due to his aversion to human settlements and humans' capacity for killing his kind by the bushel. No one was surprised when we found out that the orc did not stick around to adventure with us. He will make a formidable foe in the future.

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