Pdxos 18: Who In The Seven Hells Are The Bright Blades?

It's now early spring. Much of the snow has melted from the road. I have finally hired a new sword. I won't say his name yet. If he falls during his first few outings it will be easier to take that way. Juroth!Bah, myself, and the new sword set out to the keep. We encountered a nest of giant centipedes. The lizard man was terribly poisoned during the fight, the rest of us were fine. We carried him back to the keep for rest.

When we were ready to set out again, Golden Nob the brother of Green Leaf joined us. The friar Jophar of Heironn and two of his acolytes accompanied us as well. This time we made it to our destination: The Caves of Chaos. We continued our assault on the Hobgoblin den. We entered from the Goblin-hole and went through the secret door we had found to the Hobgoblin lair. We encountered the animated corpses of the hobgoblins we had previously killed. Johphar was much help in our first skirmish with the zombies. He channeled the holy might of his god and Juroth!Bah and I slew the cowering dead. Arrows from Golden Stick helped in the battles as well. Is it the purple miasma giving unlife to the dead or some new villain? We fought our way back to the hobgoblin chiefs room and a little beyond. We found a store room guarded by 4 living hobgoblins. I took several vicious blows before it was over, everyone else was fine. The store room contained a very large quantity of arms and armor. We prioritized for value by weight and we made quite a haul.

On our way back out we encountered another group of adventurers. They questioned us in a manner that implied that we were doing something wrong! Its very obvious that we've been cleaning house around the caves for quite some time. The bastards will probably empty the armory the rest of the way. We were going to come back for that. They said they were the Bright Blades or some stupid thing. They clearly wanted a fight with us but at the last moment I thought to have Jophar speak up about his standing at the keep. The other group backed down this time. Damn it! We need a name and a better reputation. I think we'll be seeing a lot more of them in the future.

-Kellin Greyfield

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