Session 17: Treatin' Hob-ladies Right

My brother Greenleaf left us unexpectedly. It was as if he did not want to be anywhere near me. Well, whatever he is doing, I'll bet is it boring.

Speaking of boring, brotherless once more, I decided to fall in with Greenleaf's adventuring party. I had nothing better to do. Plus, they seem to do reasonably well. The white lizard is always grumbling about losing a fortune to "magic ladies." I don't think there is a lady magical enough to do anything with that guy, no matter the payout. Ugh.

Apparently, this group had cleared an entire goblin clan out of their lair in the nearby Caves of Chaos. We decided to go there. Their complex had been connected to another system of tunnels maintained by a hobgoblin clan. We had our eyes on whatever treasure these hobgoblins had.

The goblin den still decorated with the blood of the departed, we made for the back entrance to the hobgoblin tunnels. Our first encounter was a bit risque. We entered the apartment of some very masculine hobgoblin and his harem. His guards were pitiful, and it was not long before all of their treasure, and their lives, were ours. A lone hob servant girl played guide for us. Life must be pretty bleak down there, because we did not have to cajole her at all. Of course, our onslaught may have been all the convincing she needed.

Kujira had a flash of brilliance, and utilized our potion of poison in a fantastic way. He told the servant girl to spread it on food and serve it to a detachment of hobs in the next room. They did not know what hit them, or who poisoned them!

We fought our way up a stone staircase and dispatched the guards stationed around it. We killed a few who came to aid them. Night was coming, and we were slightly battered, so we slinked out of the dungeon and back to the fashionably named Keep. The trip was lucrative. We all netted several hundred gold from the trip, and we didn't kill THAT many hobs. I am impressed with these fellows.

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