Session 16: Orcish Performance Anxiety

Lo! Readers of the journals of brave adventurers, you have come to the right place!

You have arrived at the adventuring log of Gildenbough, the intrepid and witty Elven warrior.

My parents tasked me with tracking down my errant mostly-Elvish brother, Greenleaf. By mostly Elvish, I mean that the guy doesn't know the first thing about magic, and that is what makes us Elves better than everyone else. Anyway, I found him at the literal edge of the world. His path led me to the creatively named Keep on the Borderlands. Guess what? It's a keep. One guess as to its location.

Apparently, 'Leaf's compatriots have a bit of a notorious reputation around this place. People set out with them, and they don't come back. In fact, some priest from the Clanlands named Kiyoshi was their most recent victim, as I spied my brother helping to heft the cleric's dead form back from a recent outing. They said they were charging into a den of orcish outlaws and Kiyoshi couldn't find the broad side of an orc with his holy mace. The same was not true of his opponents. I guess you can't shoot the wind full of arrows, but you can cut it to ribbons with your sword.

After a few days of rest, and many jokes at the expense of my brother, we set out toward the Caves of Chaos with Jophur, a priest of Heironn, and a small detachment of the Keep's guard. The troop of the Keep's men set up in a defensive position near the entrance to the Caves' valley. We chose to explore the closest cave on the left. We were quickly rewarded with angry orcs. We killed them all, though I must say that my bow didn't feel right. It must have been the moist winter air. I couldn't hit a single orc. When I closed to melee combat, there was something wrong with the grip on the hilt of my sword, as I couldn't find the underbelly of any orcs either. I must have worn out my sword's hilt by kicking so much ass in my Elvish homelands.

Everyone in the group did well. Big brother Greenleaf is quite a fighter. Kujira is a brave dwarf, though many of his companions acted surprised when I mentioned this. The cutpurse, Cord, was a fine shot as well. Even the fat priest of Heironn acquitted himself rather well. Next time, they'll see the deft hand of Gildenbough.

Total Treasure, Items, and Experience

Expedition Roster:
Principles: Greenleaf, Kujira, Kiyoshi, Cord, Gildenbough

15 Orc Ambushers = 150 XP
1 Orc Gangboss = 20 XP
Returning Remains Of The Missing Guards = 100 XP

Total Encounter XP = 270 XP

16 right orc ears = 160gp
36 electrum coins = 18gp
orc boss' ruby pendant = 80gp

Total treasure = 258gp

64gp, 5sp to each PC
132 XP to each PC
0 XP to hirelings.

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