Session 15: Fire 1, Water 0

With the dryad's advice fresh in our minds, we decided to mount an attack on the dead (?) wizard's library right under the nose of the veiled seereses. The dryad said that the key to destroying the fire elemental in the library is the water orb that supplies water to the dungeon complex. This wizard was very elementally focused. Perhaps that was his field of study. Alas, Ruiz and Vincent had gone their separate ways, so our party was a little bit smaller than before. Nevertheless, we trod in the back way to fight this scroll-guarding menace. Did I mention that the Lizardman was carrying the orb? No? Well, he was. That is a key bit of information.

Based on our maps of the complex, we guessed that the library was north of the kitchen. Well, the dryad told us that as well, but our maps helped us decide, too. By the four winds, we were right! A huge library, complete with a very book-unsafe bonfire and fire servant in the middle. The whole plan was to destroy him and take the riches, so we did that. Well, we fought him, that was what we did. Jeroth'ba hurled the orb at the elemental, but hit the floor instead. Water was everywhere! It was like the west wind had blown in a squall like you have never seen. Did I mention that water was everywhere? Up to our knees even! The fire beast still persisted. When we found out our weapons just passed through the thing, we decided to make our escape. So we did!

Lo and behold, like a summer southerly out of the swamps, we jumped right into a stinky mess! A rat den. We killed them all though, down to the last. Valentino perished. Was it the fire or the rats, it happened so fast. A game of cat and mouse ensued. That's a metaphor for a fire elemental and adventuring party situation. We were the mice! We managed to snatch some treasure and evade the fire elemental. Then we made haste back to the keep in hopes of making some money for future trips. The prospects for hiring more fighting men grow dim. Rumor mill has it that these guys have lost waaaay more hirelings than I have seen go down.

I will continue to serve the Wind, search for our clan's blade, and combat the evils of this region.

Total Treasure, Items, and Experience

Expedition Roster:
Principles: Greenleaf, Jeroth!bah, Kujira, Atharill, Kiyoshi
Hirelings: Valantino

pissing off a fire elemental = nil
6 giant rats = 30 XP

Total Encounter XP = 30 XP

20 ancient tomes of worth = 200gp
15 ancient tomes damaged or useless = nil
partial jeweled alchemical equipment = 150gp

jealous magical spear "Yakutz The Bloody", +1 & -1 AC if only weapon used for preceeding week.

Total treasure = 350gp

70gp to each PC
76 XP to each PC
0 XP to Hirelings.

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