Session 14: A Dryad's Directions

It was bad enough that the elders of the Wind Temple sent me after the rash Kazuo. Those Wayfarer types are violent and get themselves into too much trouble too far from home. I basically blundered into his companions. I heard from the grubby locals that Kazuo and his companions frequented a cave complex called the Caves of Chaos. These names, I swear. The guide I paid to get me there would not approach them too closely, leaving me to find my own way in. I was chased by stirges into a long passage high up on one side of the valley in which these caves are located. It turned out to be the cave that led me to this group. Kazuo was nowhere to be found, though. Perhaps he returned to Crane Village prematurely?

I was shocked to see these folks in the company of orcs. I was less shocked when I found out that there was no trust between the orcs and Kazuo's group. I was shocked a bit more when I found out these orcs were slightly in charge. The shock grew again when I learned that the orcs were primarily interested in paper treasure, like scrolls and books!

Strange aside, an unlucky thief was lowered down into the dungeon by these unknown witch women. They would not help our injured compatriots with their wounds.

My shock was eliminated completely shortly after we encountered what turned out to be the underground domain of a dryad. The dryad's voice demanded that the orcs leave the room. Then, the party decided it was high time to rid themselves of their unwanted orcish companions. The battle was less than epic, and the party acquitted themselves rather well and made short work of the beasts.

Everyone asked me how I found them. My memory failed me. Thankfully, the dryad had a solution. If we would unearth her tree and plant it elsewhere, she would help us find our way out. We did. And she did. Now we find ourselves back at the Keep. I have yet to find Kazuo. I suppose I have to stay here until I complete the task of recovering the Sixth Crane Wing Sword.

Total Treasure, Items, and Experience

Expedition Roster:
Principles: Greenleaf, Kellin, Jeroth!bah, Kujira, Atharill, Kiyoshi, Cord
Hirelings: Vincent, Ruiz, Valantino

1 carrion crawler = 135 XP
5 hobgoblins = 75 XP
5 orcs = 60 XP

Total Encounter XP = 270 XP

silver chains of the hobgoblins = 900sp
5 sets of mysterious hobgoblin scale armor = 75gp
orcish copper bangles = 960cp

Total treasure =174gp, 6sp

Special XP Award: Escaping captivity and helping the dryad move her tree = 200 XP each PC

25gp to each PC
257 XP to each PC
16 XP to Hirelings.

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