Session 13: The Basic Element of Zombies is Death

Water Zombies, Earth Zombies, Wind Zombies, Oh My!

Winter, Week 20, Day 3 (continued again)

The Death of Kazuo:

Before the party entered the ruined tower of Podikar, Kazuo became separated from the others. He wandered through the glimmering miasma for some time bedazzled by the shifting lights. When he came out of his stupor he had no idea how much time had passed or where the others were. Before he could get is bearings the miasma parted and a group of skeletal warriors strode towards him, eying him hungrily with empty eye sockets. Outnumbered the quick witted and nimble Kazuo climbed the side of the tower, making it to the top quickly. When the skeletons made it to the base of the tower and began climbing, Kazuo picked up a huge block of stone with the intent of hurling it on the climbers. In the stress of the moment Kazuo picked up a stone much too heavy for him to handle easily. As he approached the edge to hurl the stone down, he tripped on some loose stonework and tumbled from the tower to the ground below. He landed on his back, stunned by the impact and by the very stone he was trying to throw. The skeletons swarmed him, driving their rusty blades and talon-like skeletal hands into his flesh over and over again. His cries of pain and agony did not go unheard however. Kazuo's honored ancestors awaited him on the other side to lead him to the resting place of the Crane Clan.


The party of heroes and orcish warriors made their way down a hall away from the strange kitchen. The hall was filled with clear, calf deep water. At the first intersection we heard a voice come to us from a side passage, "Kazuo, is that you?". And so we met a priest of the Crane Clan named Kiyoshi. He joined us in the hopes of finding his kinsmen. The passage opened into a wider room where we did battle with water bloated zombies. The fight was quick and furious, all of us survived. Once felled, the zombies spewed forth water in an unnatural fashion. We examined a large alcove briefly then moved on into a hall leading north. This passage gained enough elevation to take us out of the strange water. We followed a side passage into another larger room. Another group of dead shambled towards us. These moved in a strange fashion. Their bodies were riddled with mud and gravel. Many of their limbs were broken and shapeless. This did not make them any less dangerous. Vincent took a glancing blow in this fight. Farto the orc was slain. Gomash their leader was rendered unconscious for a few minutes as well. The orcs were shaken by this fight. They are beginning to complain of too many dead men. We continued on into a third chamber. This was also a naural cave. We could all hear an unnatural wind. The orcs in the front line saw the dead coming first. This was the largest group yet. I feared they would break and run. Kiyoshi called out a prayer to the wind and all of the zombies within sight turned and cowered away from him. We split into two attack groups. I lead the charge down one hall with the orcs, the rest of the party went the other way. We made quick word of them thanks to the power of Kiyoshi. Vincent was rendered unconscious during the fight.

I don't know how much longer we can last down here. I hope we can convince the three witch-women to let us out of this hell-hole to rest. Maybe we can convince them to let us go back to the keep for proper recovery and a chance to hire more swords. I am also concerned that if Gomash the orc leader dies we will have to fight the rest of the orc band. That might happen regardless though. We're in a bad situation, and as we each become injured our chances of getting out are even worse. Perhaps we should back track the way Kiyoshi came from. He claims he went to the caves of chaos to find Kazuo and somehow connected up with us here in the caves of mystery. Perhaps we can circumvent the witches all together.

—Kellin Grayfield

Expedition Roster:
Principles: Greenleaf, Kellin, Jeroth!bah, Kujira, Atharill, Kiyoshi
Hirelings: Vincent, Ruiz, Valantino

21 zombies = 609 XP
Total XP = 609 XP

Treasure yet to be returned to town (no XP)

Total treasure = 0

0gp to each PC
82 XP to each PC
41 XP to Hirelings.

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