Session 12: The Seeress' Bidding

On a fateful winter morning Artharil was laid up with a stomach illness (pooping prolific amounts of centipedes) when the party decided to head out to the caves of mystery. Later that day our halfling chef began to feel better. The party did not return that night, or the next morning. He sensed trouble and began asking around town for hired swords. Our reputation for losing hirelings has really gotten around because there were none to be found. He settled on three pot boys from his kitchen. He armed the young teenage humans with leather armor, shield, and short sword. They were excited for adventure until excitement began to happen. Artharil and potboys found the archway and the ruined tower within. They snuck up close and had a whispered conversation with a dwarf hiding on the other side of an arrow slit. He confirmed that the rest of Artharil's party was inside but refused help. Artharil ended the conversation and sought out an alternative entrance. He and the boys climbed up to the top and encountered a group of stirge. One of his boys died terribly, another was rendered unconscious but resuscitated later. The stirge were felled. A little more walking around up top and the three survivors fell through some damaged stonework into the midst of the orcs within. Meanwhile…

I awoke into darkness. My companions were around me. Vincent and I were unable to see. The others told us we were in a stone room with a wooden door. There was no other way out and we were all bound with rope. The lizard man chewed through Kujira's bonds, then the two of them got the rest of us out. We could hear some talking on the other side of the door. Two women arguing over what to do with us. One of them was likely the sorceress who's magic put us all to sleep. Eventually a strong male voice called from the door for us to stand back or we would be killed. A large orc entered and escorted us to a room with three robed women, a few fighting men, and a dozen orcs. We were offered our lives in return for our services. What could we do but accept. We were escorted by the orcs to the well that we saw previously. We are to be lowered down by rope first, then eight of the twelve orcs will come down, last our gear will be returned. Our mission is to clear a significant portion of the lower levels and come back to the well to report. We were not told what the witch-women are specifically looking for. I negotiated for healing potions, and command of the eight orcs while down below. To my disbelief, both were granted. A strange interaction happened between Gratitha (the gold veiled sorceress) and their leader. She cast some sort of charm on him to gain his compliance and the other orcs saw this happen. They do not seem happy about it. While heading to the well the ceiling fell in, dropping Artharil and two boys into the midst of all the orcs. In the confusion I stole a dagger off the belt of an orc and hid it in my armor (still not believing our gear would be returned). Our party quickly told Artharil to stand down, calmed the orcs, and filled in our late party member.

Once lowered we did receive our gear, minus our gold unfortunately. I was very happy to have dancing star back in my possession. We were in a 20 by 40 foot room with three ways out. We went south through a hall and did battle with some hobgoblins. One of the orc warriors fell, we survived. I am doing my best to build report with their leader Gomash. If the enchantment that enslaves his mind breaks, I want to have him on our side if possible. Another hall led to another room, this one contained giant glowing beetles. We took them down and lost another orc. Now there are only six of them with us. After that we found what seemed to be an old kitchen. It was a hot room. The heating source turned out to be a small man made of fire marching back and forth inside the stove. I have to remind myself that this is a wizards tower and we may have to fight some strange creature like this in the near future. We may have to fight this pack of orcs, and we may have to fight the three witch-women upstairs. I don't like the odds, but they are better than they were a few hours ago.

—Kellin Grayfield

Winter, Week 20 (continued)

Expedition Roster:
Principles: Greenleaf, Kellin, Jeroth!bah, Kujira, Atharill
Hirelings: Vincent, Ruiz, Valantino, Alonso

4 firebeetles = 60 XP
4 hobgoblins = 60 XP
3 stirges = 15 XP
Total XP = 135 XP

Treasure yet to be returned to town (no XP)
2 hobgoblin shortbows
silver hobgoblin chains = 400sp

Total treasure = 0

0gp to each PC
21 XP to each PC
10 XP to Hirelings.

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