Session 11: The Mad-Man, The Caves of Mystery, and The End of The Line?

It was the heart of winter, our party set forth from the keep towards the caves of chaos. Half way their we happened upon an old man wearing animal skins sitting atop a boulder. He questioned us, we questioned him. We quickly figured out that he was the rumored survivor of the destroyed wizards tower that is hidden somewhere in the area. We gained more information about the caves of mystery, supposedly all that remains of the fallen tower. He told us that if we were to go to the archway wall (natural cliffs just north of the keep) at midnight or noon, the way would be obvious. As we marched on he became more befuddled. He led us in a loop back towards the keep and stopped at the base of a great oak tree. The area was his hidden camp. He pulled aside a curtain and stepped into the oak tree while closing it behind him. He told us to leave him or his animal friend would attack. We tried to ask a few more questions of him and a puma dove onto me and attacked from above!

The party had a quick fight with the great cat and the crazed old man. The Puma dealt a blow to my face, and dropped Vincent immediately. I drew steel and quickly landed several blows with Dancing Star. The puma went down first. Kazuo attempted to calm the old man but he seemed set on murder. I landed a blow on the old man. Juroth!Bah seemed to almost go feral biting the old man several times before getting a good grip on his neck and clamping down. That ended it. Kazuo found a small chest buried in the floor of the oak tree dugout. It had a few coins and a curved dagger that later proved to be magical. The old man had a rune marked copper ring which also was magical. There was no other clues about the wizards tower or the caves of chaos. We bandaged our wounds and helped Vincent limp back to town. We rested a week, a few of us went back to the oak tree for funeral detail. We pooled our resources and had our new found magical items identified. We asked around the keep and a few of the older residents knew where the archway wall was and told us.

When we were ready we went north to the archway wall. We waited about for a while, and eventually a 20 foot wide arched opening appeared in what before had been a solid rock formation. We entered cautiously. This "natural" hallway went strait north into the bluff and opened up into a large open space akin to a great colosseum. Juroth!Bah spotted a set of boot tracks in the snow, also the way we came in seemed to have a lot of compacted snow. Someone had been here recently. In the middle of this open crater was a mound roughly 150 feet square which is likely the base of the tower. Impact marks on the cliff walls tell of the explosion that once occurred here. Strange purple and yellow glowing motes blow about winking in and out, making a strange miasma. It looked similar but not the same as the purple smoke outside the caves of chaos. Our party decided to move in a counter clockwise circuit around the cliff before moving in towards the tower base.

A small group of skeletons marched towards us out of the obfuscating miasma. We made short work of them and continued on. Next a group of stirge flew into view. We fired several volleys before they closed and attacked. I was wounded pretty bad, the rest of the party was okay. By the time we mad it half way around the tower we still had not seen any cave entrances in the cliffs. Some of us became restless. The dwarf (Kujira) and the thief (Kazuo)moved in to peek through the various arrow slits in the structure and to search for secret entrance points. Eventually they heard snoring from inside but could not see what or who it was coming from. The thief climbed up onto the structure to look around. There was no obvious entry points from above but the structure did not look very sturdy from what he saw. When he climbed back down we continued around in close to the tower. Another group of skeletons approached. We annihilated them as well. We made our way back around to the front of the tower. Kazuo wandered off to take a leak. The rest of us had a sense of urgency that we needed to find our way to the back room with the sleeping person. If we could get a drop on whoever it was perhaps we could gain a lot of useful information.

We entered without our thief. We followed a hallway around several turns, we passed a closed doors, and then we ran into trouble. As we approached an intersection we saw some light from up ahead and heard people speaking in common who were obviously alerted to our presence, "Shhhhh someone is coming". We came into their light to see a four-way intersection with a round circle in the middle of the floor. A rope lead down into the darkness below. This whole is likely exactly centered in the tower. There were three warriors within sight around the circle facing us, and a robed woman with a golden veil straight across from us. Juroth!Bah attempted parley. Their fighters backed up a bit, the woman spoke for them. She demanded to know what we were doing there and what we knew. Several of us blurted out vague bluffs about what we were there to find. I suggested we each go about our business. We bluffed that we had greater numbers and a few wizards with us. This made her mad and she began casting a spell.

A wave of fatigue crashed over me. I saw the others sinking to the ground around me, only Kujira stood. The last thing I saw before darkness claimed me was Kujira dropping his axe on the floor in surender.

Is this the end of The Nameless Band? Can Kazuo and any of our stragglers band together and rescue us before it is too late? Will this group of enemy adventurers simply leave us behind after having subdued us? They seem to know what they are after, perhaps once they have it they will leave.

Total Treasure, Items, and Experience

Winter, Week 19

Expedition Roster:
Principles: Kellin, Kazuo, Jeroth!bah,
Hirelings: Vincent

Crazy Old Man = 35 XP
Pet Puma = 35 XP
Total XP = 70 XP

+1 dagger
potion of Invisibility
ring of Protection +1
crazy man gold = 31gp, 164sp

Identification & Appraisal = -200gp

Total treasure = 47gp, 4sp

15gp, 8sp to each PC
36 XP to each PC
10 XP to Hirelings.

Winter, Week 20

Expedition Roster:
Principles: Greenleaf, Kellin, Kazuo, Jeroth!bah, Kujira
Hirelings: Vincent

7 skeletons = 35 XP
4 stirges = 40 XP
Total XP = 75 XP

Nil Treasure & Captured :(
Jeroth!bah = -650gp
Kellin = -57gp
Vincent =-30gp

Total treasure = 0

0gp to each PC
14 XP to each PC
7 XP to Hirelings.

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