Session 10: Ghouls & Ghost Stories


By now you have learned of the demise of our Brother Ino. I hope he has found peace within the confines of our humble village. I have ventured forth with Ino's compatriots from the Keep many times since my arrival there. Ino and his friends had discovered a location that threatens the stability of the nearby region, a perfect test for my training. This place has been dubbed "The Caves of Chaos" by the locals. In it are an astounding array of evil and violent creatures. We had been cleansing these caves when we came upon a band of outlaws. No, not the Serpent Clan bandits. Among the possessions of these thieves was a note regarding a meeting about plans to possibly assault the Keep itself.

This note led us north of the Keep. On the trip, we lost one of our hired swords to the mighty talons of a roc. Poor fellow, he almost made it to the forest. If it weren't for that slippery patch of mud, he would have made it. Our destination was a place mentioned in the note as the "dead village". We didn't know how dead it actually was. As we proceeded into the village proper, we started seeing dark shapes tracking our movements. We decided to seek safety in what seemed to be the village holdfast. It was none too soon, the dark shapes turned out to be hungry ghouls. My hireling Adrik was their first victim. Grisly does not begin describe death at ghoulish hands.

We fought off the first wave. In the apparent peace of the moment, I and three others decided to search the intact structure within the walls of the holdfast. Our dread deepened when we discovered that the house was dimly lit. Braziers, candles, and other dim light sources gave faint illumination to the home. We found a woman claiming to be the consort to her lord in the monastery that overlooks this gods forsaken village. When we shone light upon her face, her visage became insubstantial and she attacked! We made short work of her, but what we found afterward chilled my soul. Already, suspicion was building in my heart about this place. I wanted to put the house to the torch immediately, but my companions convinced me of the wisdom of looting it first. I am glad I did, I found 200 gold pieces of old clan coinage. Could my suspicions be true, could this be the ancient home of the foul and bedeviled Serpent Clan?

When we exited, we found our brethren beset by more ghouls. They tore at my flesh, paralyzed stout Kujira, and nearly brought our whole party to ruin. Eventually, we bested them and decided to beat a hasty retreat out of town. As we left, I turned and saw a lone rider at the base of the hill below the monastery. I feel that it is my duty to return, but I am not sure if I am ready for this task, yet.

Master, I need to know a few things. You know the location of the Keep. Is it possible that the old Serpent Clan holdings are two days north? Also, the bandit's letter mentioned a group called the Snake Hands, could this be some iteration of the Serpent Clan thieves? Lastly, our hirelings have proven to be very frail, with exception to the one called Vincent. I feel that I may need more quality help to deal with the red rider. If possible, send help. If you can only spare an apprentice, I will pay him or her the standard rate. I know I am young, but there is much to learn in this part of the world.

I await your reply.

Your humble servant,
Kazuo of the Wayfarers

Total Treasure, Items, and Experience

Winter, Week 18

Expedition Roster:
Principles: Greenleaf, Kellin, Kazuo, Jeroth!bah, Kujira
Hirelings: Adrik, ?

7 Ghouls = 175 XP
1 Cursed Concubine = 50 XP
Total XP = 225 XP

tiger eye necklace = 25gp
lapis lazuli nacklace = 25gp
sack of gold = 200gp

4 pouches of wolfsbane
magic scroll in bamboo case
+1 magic sword named Dancing Star, illuminates with trigger word "brightness"
Identification & Appraisal = -100gp

Total treasure = 150gp

30gp to each PC
91 XP to each PC
21 XP to Hirelings.

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