Session 9: A Dead Bandit's Letter

After Kazuo hired two fresh-faced sell-spears the party set forth to hunt the bandits that took down the caravan from Hartfleet province. Pale Scale showed some talent in tracking, leading us south between the road and the river from the borderland keep. The party fanned out and we took our time. After a few hours of searching, Jeroth!Bah found tracks in the muddy riverbank indicating that someone had recently forded the river. We cautiously followed. Crossing the river in late fall proved to be an easy task. Our pale scaled tracker lead the way into a lightly wooded area on the other side of the river. We came upon a guard post consisting of an archer up in a tree and two spear men on the ground. One of them was wearing Hartfleet garb and was obviously not from my homeland. We quietly took on a wide arcing formation and surprised the bandits with a well timed volley of missile fire. I took down the bowman in a single shot, his body fell fifteen feet to the ground right between the other two guards. Some of the party rushed in while others fought from range. One went down immediately and the other ran for it. The last bandit guard almost made it to cover but simultaneously took an arrow from Artharil and a Javelin from Vincent. We searched them, equiped one of the new guys with a bow, and set out to find the rest of the bandits.

Jeroth!Bah found them. The camp was just far enough away from our earlier skirmish that they were totally oblivious to our presence. There was six of them in sight going about their business, and at least that many horses tethered to nearby trees. We quietly took up positions about 40 yards out from the center of the encampment. After we all had good cover and line of sight we fired another well timed volley. We caught them with their pants down! Our party had two rounds of fire before some of them could fire back. We had a third round of fire before their skirmishers closed. By this time our enemies number had almost doubled as before unseen men rushed towards us from the far side of the camp. For a moment I thought we were in trouble. The thief went out wide, stalking through the shadows only to find himself dueling a bandit after losing the element of surprise. I thought Kazuo was a goner for sure. The two new hirelings did not fare so well either, the one we called Checkers went down from a single spear thrust while the other couldn't hit anything with his wildly spinning flail. My performance in this fight was shameful as well. I couldn't believe it when I saw Kazuo bury a knife in the belly of his opponent. Kazuo seemed to disappear during the fray as my attention focused on the three bandits attacking me. While I was busy trying to stay alive Kazuo stepped out of the shadows and severed the head of one of my attackers from behind. Remind to never piss that guy off! The tide of battle was quickly back in our favor, Juroth!Bah landed the killing blow to their leader leaving only one sniveling wretch who immediately submitted. We questioned him and decided to turn him in to the keeps bounty office. I still can't believe we fought that many bandits and came out only losing one man. Kazuo and Jeroth!Bah had outdone themselves today.

We rounded up loot and horses and went back to the keep. The trip was uneventful. The letter we found on the leader seems interesting. We have a lead on a much larger bandit organization if not an invasion army of some kind.

Despite this letter, a few of us still had the energy for another outing this week since that last outing was so successful. We delved into the goblin caves again and found a supply room containing a few things of value. While searching the room a secret door opened in the wall revealing a few hobgoblins, then it quickly shut again. I spiked the door shut and we exited the caves. A leaky cask of wine attracted a group of five stirge which we quickly dispatched. Again luck was not with me and I was the only man injured during this fight. I attribute it to all the drinking and feasting last week. I need to work off the pounds I gained!

—Kellin Greyfield

Total Treasure, Items, and Experience

Fall, Week 13

Expedition Roster:
Principles: Greenleaf, Artharill, Jeroth!bah, Kellin, Kazuo
Hirelings: Vincent, Stephron

1 Bandit Leader = 25 XP
1 Bandit Lieutenant = 15 XP
2 Bandit Bowmen = 20 XP
8 Bandit Spearmen = 80 XP
Total XP = 140 XP

Bandit silver = 104sp
Bandit gold = 10gp
Stolen bolts cloth & oil = 40gp
Bandit horses = 300gp
Bandit bounty = 10gp
Total treasure = 370gp, 4sp

2 bandit bows, human chainmail, 2 longswords

Bandit's Note:

My untrustworthy associate Valan,
I have heard that you were lurking around the keep on the border and I have a proposition for you. I am currently in the employ of a man of great wealth and he is in the need of outriders, such as your gang, to preform scouting. He is a very powerfull lord and can bring us glory and riches if we would do his bidding. Meet us at the forgotten village two days north of the keep. I will be ther if you give the old signal. I warn you however not to tell a soul, as my master and his followers are as fearsome and murderous as they are wealthy. I will be watching for you.

Signed- Oolarg of the Snake Hands.

74gp, 8sp to each PC
98 XP to each PC
12 XP to Hirelings.

Expedition Roster:
Principles: Greenleaf, Kellin, Kazuo
Hirelings: Vincent, Stephron

5 Stirges = 50 XP
Total XP = 50 XP

6 casks of wine & beer = 60gp
Total treasure = 60gp

20gp to each PC
32 XP to each PC
6 XP to Hirelings.

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