Session 8: Guleesh and the Goblin King

In the fashion of my people, I had to mourn. After Ino's death, I had to seek solace in meditation and contemplation. His loss was a blow to the monks of the Wind Temple. He shall be missed.

I met the others in the tavern. They had a moderately successful outing in the fens nearby. The doubting priest Taladan did not survive, but the fetid nest of the lizardmen was destroyed. Strangely, they returned with a lizardman abomination. Apparently, he fought bravely but ineffectually against his own kind. Something in the core of my being does not allow me to trust this individual. After some discussion, we elected to return to the goblin den in the Caves of Chaos. Last time we were there, they were looking quite vulnerable.

With a few exceptions, our foray started off splendidly. We dispatched their sentries and cleared out a room of their warriors and women. They fought and fled as is possessed of an unknown fear. The exceptions were Guleesh and myself. We both sustained serious injuries. Luckily, the goblins were not pursued by anything greater than their own cowardice. The pale lizard beast kept saying, "Ssssssomething huntssss them." I guess it was only us.

As we progressed through their complex of alcoves and halls, we happened upon their leader. He was a stout one, as were his guards. Even his smelly, prize women fought for him. Guleesh fell during this fight. He fought bravely against the nasty creatures. Vincent did well in the melee, if it weren't for him we might not have lived out the day. The lizardman bumbler hit almost nothing. I wonder if his abinism involves some kind of sight deficiency as well. The rest of us fared decently, gradually dispatching the king and his minions.

A lone, cowering goblin female consented to lead us through the dungeon. A regular goblinoid polyglot, she spoke decent broken common. She led us to treasure and almost into an ambush. At least Kellin thought so, for he crushed her head beneath his boot. She did deserve death, but there are proper ways to end a life, and that was undeniably vicious. We netted a fair amount of gold, silver, electrum, and copper. I suppose our next stay at the Keep will be very comfortable. I hope to hire a sword that can provide some protection as I ply my trade in any future dungeons.

Total Treasure, Items, and Experience

Fall, Week 12

Expedition Roster:
Principles: Greenleaf, Artharill, Jeroth!bah, Kellin, Guleesh, unnamed wizard, Kazuo
Hirelings: Vincent

6 Goblin Males = 30 XP
14 Goblin Females & 6 Young = nil
3 Goblin Bodyguards = 45 XP
2 Goblin Consort Cutters = 10 XP
1 Goblin Chieftain = 25 XP
Total XP = 110 XP

Gulessh's Wealth = ?
Goblin Loose Change = 24sp, 47cp
Chieftain's Purse = 18gp, 2pp
Goblin Guards = 24ep, 20sp
Pewter Bowl = 273sp, 321cp
Gold Threaded Tapestry = 900gp
Dead Ogre's Sack Coinage = 289gp, 91ep, 287sp, 485cp,
Total treasure = 1343gp, 4sp, 3cp

Dead Ogre's Sack Other =1 Hard Cheese, 1 Keg Brandy, 241 lead pieces painted gold
Dead Ogre's bone pile = 6 arrows( w/ hickory shafts, obsidian tips, and parrot fletching), green potion, divine scroll with cure light wounds & find traps
3 Goblin shortswords

223gp, 9sp, 1cp to each PC
240 XP to each PC
9 XP to Hirelings.

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