Session 7: Parley & Soufflé

Kujira the dwarf, Greenleaf the elf, Art the halfling, Taladan the priest of nothing, and Ernst the hirling went out to explore the swamplands outside the keep. The party came upon 3 lizardmen wielding crude stone spears. Taladan the priest of nothing fell during battle while trying to communicate with them in the goblin tongue. He was dispatched in such a violent manner that the hireling Ernst was unable to act. The fight that followed was violent and fast. In the middle of this fight Vincent the hireling and myself (Kellin) finally caught up with them having been too hungover to leave with the others that morning. We happened upon a strange albino lizardman on the edge of the swamp who offered to show us the way to our friends. I kept a suspicious eye on him but let him lead us to our friends. The albino was ineffective in the battle with his kin, which makes me more suspicious… The halfling and the Dwarf finished the fight with their respective axes. I definitely approve of their technique.

We buried the priest in a shallow muddy grave, none of us knew how to proceed with any sort of funeral rights as the man had been very vocal about his beliefs in no afterlife. I gave him a grim faced nod and a moment of silence. We moved on, tracking our way to the lizardmen's den. As we approached, several charged our party from the hole in the ground serving as the entry point. They came at us one at a time and fell quickly. We surrounded the opening and waited a while. Nothing happened. Finally, impatience drove me to action (which it usually does). I asked to borrow Art's hand axe. I strode to one of the bodies, severed its scaly head, and proceeded to toss it down into the depths of the lair. Intimidation always seems a strong tactic. There was still no response. We lit torches and entered.

A narrow passage opened into a larger common room. We fought a few warriors and a few of their women. Their were hatchlings running around as well. We slew all the fighters leaving one adult female alive. We parleyed for the wealth of her tribe in exchange for her life and the life of as many eggs as she could carry.

A few of us had been wounded, we lost the priest, but we restored order to this corner of the swamp for a generation to come.

Kellin Greyfield

Total Treasure, Items, and Experience

Fall, Week 10

Expedition Roster:
Principles: Kujira, Greenleaf, Art, Taladan, Kellin, <clicky noise>,
Hirelings: Ernst, Vincent

8 Feral Lizardmen = 30 XP
XP from monsters defeated = 240 XP

Taladan's Wealth = 252gp, 3sp, 6cp
Lizardman Alpha Golden Chain = 1100gp
Lizardmen Nest Coinage = 186sp, 112cp
Lizardmen Gold Ingot = 90gp
Total treasure = 1462gp, 8cp

Items = orange gourd flask w/ Potion of Healing, green gourd flask with ?

292gp, 4sp, 1cp to each PC
242 XP to each PC
20 XP to Hirelings.

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