Session 6: Leader Of The Pack

Session Summary, Submitted by Kazuo of the Crane Clan

When I arrived at the Keep, the man I was supposed to meet had gone off to some place called the Caves of Chaos. Through a bit of luck I managed to track him down. Alas, that man, Ino, wayward scholar of the Crane style, had perished. I tried not to bat an eyelash and assist the group, but I am deeply saddened at the loss of one of our noble monks. Here is what happened before I joined…

Ino and the party had set out once again to this complex of caves. Apparently, it is so vast and filled with a myriad of beasts, such that brave and successful adventurers can go back time and again and still find villains to end. They decided that the den of kobolds had been greatly weakened and that it was high time to remove their offensive presence from these caves. Our attack was successful, the cowardly lizard-dogs bent knee quickly, though not before one had killed the men who would mentor me. If that little beastie had not died, I would have sought revenge immediately.

A gnome, both quizzical and skeptical about the group's now large entourage of kobolds encountered the party outside the caves. In his words, "Just don't fuck with us." Whatever that means. Gnomes are inscrutable and odd creatures.

The dwarf Kujira let the young and female and two overly enthusiastic males walk free in exchange for the remainder of their fighting males. Though I have my qualms about this, I am in no way in a position to make decisions in this group. The deal was that the fighting males help us assault the goblins and whomever still walks after the fighting can join their brethren in freedom.

When we entered the goblins domain, I felt quite at home among the shadows. Volunteering my services, I crept in the darkness and approached what was once known to be a strongpoint of goblin resistance. My stealthy crawl was successful, but my blade proved to be as insubstantial as the shadows that hid me. As soon as I gave up my position in the darkness, the goblin picket dealt me a blow so grievous as to be quite lacking in proportionate to his stature. In time, one of my newly found companions snatched me from death's dark threshold. Our assault on that room proved to reasonably successful, though we know naught of what their total numbers are in these crude caves of theirs.

Total Treasure, Items, and Experience

Fall, Week 9

Expedition Roster:
Principles: Ino, Kujira, Greenleaf, Art, Taladan, Kazuo
Hirelings: Ernst

3 Skeletons 15 XP
1 Kobold Chieftain 20 XP
5 Kobold Consorts 25 XP
8 Impressed Kobold Warriors 40 XP
20 Dominated Kobold Females & Young Clutchlings 100 XP
6 Barricade Goblins 30 Xp
4 Goblin Guards 20 XP
XP from monsters defeated = 250 XP

Kobold Chief Coinage = 93gp, 1sp, 3cp
Kobold Chief Golden Necklace w/ Emerald = 1200gp
Goblin Silver = 32sp
Total treasure = 1296gp, 3sp, 3cp

259gp, 2sp, 6cp to each PC
305 XP to each PC
23 XP to Hirelings.

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