Session 5: Burning Stuff Down

Fall, Week 7 Journal

As I concluded my meditations, I rejoined the group. They had finished up their business in town and were ready to tackle the caves once more. I knew that our approach to cleansing these caverns was patently wrong, but I had no insight as to how to do this in any better way. Perhaps, I figured, some flash of brilliance would hit me in the heat of the moment.
The goblins seemed the best target. They had given us the least trouble in the past. Our foray into their cave started badly. They were prepared for us. Our scouts, I think it was Kujira and Kelin, ran smack into a goblin barricade within the first minutes of our trek into the goblins' domain. Kujira was badly stuck by their javelins, and his wound seemed to sap his gumption for the rest of our outing.
As we retreated, we surveyed the canyon and decided to wait until nightfall and start a huge conflagration in the center of the canyon. Our hope was to spark interest and conflict amongst the various cave dwellers. We decided to hide out in a copse of trees and brush near the entrance to the kobolds' complex. Surprise! They had several pickets in the brush. From the way they fought, we were as surprised as they were. My particular flash of brilliance was to light this brush on fire, stripping the kobolds of their extra bit of protection, perhaps emboldening other groups in the area. We fought them well. Our plan may have worked, but for the elf. As we exited the brush and looked upon the canyon from high ground, the hobgoblins poked their heads out. Greenleaf decided to take and improbable shot at the blighter. He hit! The other beasty slunk back into his cave immediately. I did not know elves to be rash.
We went to another group of trees and happened upon a pair of bugbears. They were tough, but we bested them. I ended one of them with a punch to his kidneys so savage, he wet himself one last time before he departed his mortal coil.
I decided to return to the keep alone, only to get a troubling letter from my clan. Apparently, an ancient family heirloom has been stolen and it is the doing of the foul Coiled Serpent clan. Even more, they are reported to be moving toward the Keep. I finally know what to do with all my useless money.

—Ino of the Crane Clan

Total Treasure, Items, and Experience

Fall, Week 7

Expedition Roster:
Principles: Ino, Kujira, Greenleaf, Kelin, Art
Hirelings: Ernst, Vincent.

8 Kobolds 40 XP
2 Bugbears 100 XP
1 Chaos Riddled Copse of Trees 50 XP
XP from monsters defeated = 190 XP

Kobold Treasure = 36 sp
Bugbear armor & weapon = 60gp
Total treasure = 63.6gp

13gp to each PC
45 XP to each PC
16 XP to Hirelings.

Second outing of session 5

Kujira, Greenleaf, and I (Kellin) returned to the Kobold hole in the caves of chaos. Ino and the halfling had other business to tend to. The non-humans stealthily moved in first and happened upon a small group of kobolds sleeping in an alcove near the entrance. They attempted to tie the kobolds up but woke them. I rushed in with the two hirelings and a bloody battle comenced. Only Kujira and I were left standing in the end. I've never heard of kobolds fighting so fiercely! Our companions were hanging on to life by a thread. We bandaged them and we limped back to the keep. Everyone survived but it was close. We better do better next time.

—Kellin Greyfield

Fall, Week 7.5

Expedition Roster:
Principles: Kujira, Greenleaf, Kelin
Hirelings: Ernst, Vincent.

4 Kobolds 20 XP
XP from monsters defeated = 20 XP

Kobold Treasure = 24 sp
Total treasure = 24 sp

8sp to each PC
6 XP to each PC
3 XP to Hirelings.

Third outing of session 5

We returned to the kobold hole. At the first t-intersection where the pit trap lay hidden we spotted giant rats rustling around in the alcove where we fought the kobolds in the last adventure. We took them down with ranged fire and use of the pit trap. Then we heard squeaking from the left passage. We haven't explored that way yet. We held our position at the edge of the pit and began firing down the tunnel. Wave after wave of giant rats began to move in on us. Some fell to our javelins and arrows. Whenever they got close enough I stomped on the grating over the pit and it dropped them to their doom. Then they stopped coming, but we could here them. The dwarf tied a cow femur to a rope and used it as bate. Our hirlings towed more giant rats toward our position and we killed them the same way. Finally all was quiet. We moved down the tunnel to the rat den to find several more, and their alpha. We slew them all. The alpha had a ruby encrusted silver necklace around its waste. It was inscribed with "Thorid my love" We were battered but in better shape than before. I declare this outing a total success!!

—Kellin Greyfield

Fall, Week 8

Expedition Roster:
Principles: Kujira, Greenleaf, Kelin
Hirelings: Ernst, Vincent.

18 Giant Rats 90 XP
3 Large Kobolds 45 XP
XP from monsters defeated = 135 XP

Silver Necklace with Rubies found around giant rat, inscribed "To Thorid". = 400gp
Kobold Treasure = 28gp
Total treasure = 428 gp

143gp to each PC
177 XP to each PC
17 XP to Hirelings.

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