Session 3: Ogres Afire

Summary submitted by Gorff, the master of Ino the monk.
Once again we set off to master the Caves of Chaos. On this most recent expedition was Ino the monk, Kujira the dwarf, Yngvar, Kujira's hirelings Elmorth and Kellen, and our elven associate Greensleeves.

Through a combination of logic and a Zen-like method cave mouth selection, we enter a cave that is inhabited by a fair amount of kobolds. Due to his affinity with metals derived from the earth, Kujira is wont to call them "Cobalts". Mercury poisoning I guess. After an initially deadly exchange involving a deadfall and some really skilled uber-kobolds, we break through and rout the guard post. Sadly, my Zen compass misfired and I led our intrepid company into a grand nest of the foul dog-things. I suffered a soundly shot arrow to my person. That mongrel archer nearly undid me! However, no one suffered more mightily than Elmorth, for he gave his life as we beat a hasty retreat from the beasts' den. In a strange show of respect for the dead, for he never showed the living man any, Kujira hefted Elmorth's rangy corpse and carried it out of the dungeon and to a proper burial. The service was conducted by Yngvar at a modest fee.

We made it back to the Keep and began to cogitate on how to master these chaotic caves. Though I only sought wisdom and puissance, the others were keen that there be mountains of treasure to be had in their depths. We healed and suddenly realized, as if from some voice on high, that we must not just fight with our hands, but with our minds. With renewed purpose and our company diminished by one, we struck out to the Caves once more. We picked a different cave, our minds abuzz with new and innovative stratagems, we ran afoul of some nasty little goblins. After we ended a few of them, Kujira hatched his plan to incite the goblin clan to fight the nest of kobolds from the cave across the way. As if a bit of ephemera, Yngvar the cleric of Heironn met his end in our hasty retreat before entreat. Alas, in this adventuring endeavor, folk pass in and out of one's life like a strange dream. After attempting to parley with the goblins at their cave entrance, Kujira scurries off to the kobolds' cave mouth. Strangely missing from our parley was a request for our fallen comrade's body. Ah well, life is not perfect.

In our mastermind's absence, our parley starts to go south. I look at the goblin that seems to be leading the negotiation. He is bigger than the rest, but I believe that I can best him. A the time, I felt that the only honorable course of action is to challenge the chieftain to manly combat. Little did I know that the option of manly combat has a different meaning across cultures. In goblin culture, it means that you go back into your cave and recruit a nasty ogre to do your dirty work.

In the giant man-thing's first strike nearly did me in. Luckily, the goblins did realize that they cheated and did not join in or bat a green eyelash when my compatriots joined in to destroy the ogre. And we did! I think we were all surprised that no one died (other than the ogre). Our ruse to get the goblins and kobolds involved in interspecies conflict came to naught, and we headed back to the Keep with our pockets filled with gold paid by the goblin chief to the ogre. Needless to say, the top item on our agenda is to refine our already sophisticated anti-vermin strategies.

(Yngvar actually died in the second to last round with the ogre, after having gone toe to toe with it for the entire fight. But yeah, I think the body was left behind).

Enemies Vanquished, Treasure, Experience

6 Kobold guards slain 30 XP
1 large Ogre burned and beaten to death 125 XP
XP from monsters slain = 155 XP

Sack of gold coings taken off dead ogre 250 gp
Silver chalice bribe from goblins 90 gp
Total treasure = 340 gp

Totals divided between four shares (Ino, Kujira, Greenleaf, Kelin)
85 gp, 124 XP each.

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