Shards of Syndarrah Campaign Home Page
This campaign is the brain-child of DM Shadowmancer. It is a conglomerate of many campaigns that I have run in the past, and many campaigns that never actually launched but had been fairly thoroughly brainstormed. I am very inspired by the way our group has been using the wiki, and many elements of Greengoats campaign. Much more to come.

SoS Session Summaries

One of many places for players to co-author the stories we play through.

SoS Current Player Characters

Currently active characters listed by player name with character sheets, character descriptions and character backgrounds.

SoS NPC Roster

Includes list of significant Sky Shield members and some of their history.

SoS Future Characters

Here we will store the stat-blocks each player rolled at the start of the campaign and the names of each character those stats go to as they are made. When the fate of all five of a players characters has been decided, said player will roll a new block of 5 sets of stats.

Shards of Syndarrah campaign premise and setting details

Other details include descriptions of points of interest on the maps.

Shards of Syndarrah maps

Use link at top of list for written descriptions of key points on the maps.

Shards of Syndarrah House Rules

For now this section will mainly address character creation but this section will be expanded as the campaign progresses. Here I introduce alternate rules that will be used for some character feats, and alternate rules for starting out with multi-class characters.

SoS PC Sky Shield Members Personal Armory/Bank Accounts

Here we list magical and other significant equipment, gold coin deposits, land, and other property that each character owns. Also character wills and benefactors should be listed here.

SoS Hall of The Dead

Dead Player Characters, Hirelings, and NPCs listed in loose chronological order of their demise with brief description of their end.

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