The Broken


"I was, once." —Stephen R. Donaldson

Terror and ferocity live in the memories of orcs. It was what they once were. A few cling to that. But that was in the old land, a land of plenty, where everyone else grew fat and complacent from the gifts of the land. The the world ended, and everyone were orcs. The weakness and lack of cohesion amongst even the strongest lay exposed and vulnerable. The glories of the Horde grow faint in the memories of young orcs, especially those born into a life of slavery. Those who aren't are forced to navigate a world that cares little for their ugliness and anger. A few have made names for themselves as clever and tough gleaners. There will always be orcs in almost any town or city, Lost being no exception. They make good slaves but better soldiers, gleaners, and theives. Some tribes hold onto the old ways and still manage to cause some fear and ruckus in the places between civilization.

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