Multiclassing At Lv 1

Multiclassing at LV 1

I have always been a fan of the alternate rule set proposed in 3.5 D&D about how to handle multiclassing out of the box with LV1 characters. A starting character would effectively be LV 0 in two classes averaging hp, skill points, and other abilities. Upon reaching the experience threshold for a LV2 character, the character would become LV1 in each class and add, rather than average, the hp, skill points, feats and other abilities. I feel this is superior to a character suddenly gaining years of training in a new character class right as they level. Details will be worked out with the DM.

Example: A LV 1 character that is a fighter/mage would have a class LV0 in each class. Starting HP would be an average of 1d10 and 1d6, or 8+con modifier. Base attack bonus would be +0 because both classes are LV0. Saving throws would average. So it would be +1 fortitude, +1 will. Skill points would be averaged. Both of these classes are 2+int modifier so that would be what the character had. The player would have to select at least one skill from each class list. Spells per day for a LV0 wizard would be 3 LV0 spells (cantrips) per day. No LV1 spells. The character would get a bonus starting feat for being a LV1 character, but would not get the LV1 bonus feat for being a LV1 fighter because they are LV0. The character could arguably begin with scribe scroll, but not yet having the ability to cast level one spells renders scribing scrolls basically a useless skill. All points negotiable for character concepts of course.

Upon reaching character LV 2, the character would be a LV1 fighter/LV1 mage. All abilities would now stack rather than average for each class. Any character levels gained after this would proceed as stated in the Pathfinder book. The character would advance one class at a time one level at a time, no more averaging.

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