Not much is known about the history of this place. It existed before the cataclysmic reshaping of the world. The altered geography was so unrecognizable to the original settlers that no map or reference they possessed could lend a name to it. The founders, emerging into the world after many years of seclusion, decided to build a new home upon the burned out ruins of this possibly ancient city. The original stonework, walls, and rent structures were tucked away beneath a huge and slanted slab of granite. It was a wonderful find, the rock protecting the place from the elements and the bulk of the nastiness that brought the world to its knees. Nevertheless, the founders, emerging from their dark refuges, were understandably cynical. They named it Lost. Ever since, it has attracted diverse elements from the surrounding wastelands. Just 40 years after its founding, this city tucked under the protective shadow of a massive granite shelf, has coalesced into something resembling an uneasy, ordered kind of stability.

Name: Lost
Population: Approx. 1,200 (850 human, 200 orcs, 100 elves, 50 dwarves)
Government: Informal council of local powers

Lost sits on the edge of anywhere. Over the last 15 years, it has become an important waystation for adventurers that would try their luck amongst the ruins of the Great Waste. The Waste stretches from the western edge of Lost for an unknown distance. The farthest forays into the region have been about a few hundred miles at the most. At least, those that came back. Presumably, whatever disaster that crushed most of civilization emanated from those blasted lands. Naturally, the most destruction and the most exotic treasure can be found in the those burned out sands.

Two royal houses make their home here. They both claim royal status from lands that existed before the last age was destroyed. House Hamish is the larger of the two, its dominion is one entire section of the city. Their craftsmen create goods that come close to the quality of dwarven-made goods. House Hamish does not have an overbearing presence on the Council, though it does provide more men than any other interest in the defense of the town. House Verdann is the other lineage represented here. Supposedly, the folk of this house are a distant relation of some fledgling dukedom far to the east. The head of this house is an enthusiastic sponsor of adventurers making their way out into the Waste in search of powerful artifacts. Their power is not as concentrated as that of the Hamishites, but they have considerable pull on the Council and with merchants around town. A black market has emerged, much of its business deals in items purloined from foolish but successful adventurers returning from the Waste.

To the northeast, a few days hike will get you to the dwarven surface village of Verge. The village was built around the entrance to the caverns below the Low Range, essentially a modest chain of hills. The area is green in the spring and brown during all other seasons. The dwarves there are all about business, but many are far less secretive and open than in some of the more established dwarven dominions elsewhere. Any dwarf in Lost has some kind of connection with the stout folk in Verge or the caverns beneath, be it exile status or successful merchant.

Just short of a week south of Lost is a forest of young evergreens called Foresthome, also perched on the edge of the Waste. The elves claim lordship over this youthful forest, carefully acting as stewards and gardeners in this region so devoid of forested land and wild green growth. Massive snags of old growth trees dot the expanse of this place, giving clues to the ancient splendor of this forest. Respectful visitors are tolerated, but taking from the lands is not. The small contingent of seasoned warriors will end any man or creature that violate their land. They have an uneasy peace with the weak and scattered orc tribes of the area.

Speaking of orcs, there are a sizable contingent in the city of Lost. Many are slaves, but some are workers in the employ of more tolerant folk of the town. A few trouble-making tribes dot the area and make journeys out into the Waste. Occasionally, these groups get into conflict with the dwarves of Verge or travelers venturing to or from the city. They can be dangerous, but most folk mark them down as a nuisance.

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