Life In The Remnants

There are many who think they know how the world was lost, but each story is as different as the other. Some speak of a major cataclysm that swept aside civilization in mere instants. Others tell of a chain of disasters brought on by a myriad of conflicts. Yet others describe and slow grinding end to civilization, deadly and inevitable, yet witnessed by horrified and helpless generations.

No one really knows how it ended. Not many have the luxury to think about it. It is a question to be pondered by the dead and the rich. No matter the truth, the world is. Its previous end a fading nightmare. Its reincarnation a fearsome continuation of the downfall for some, and for others the beginning of a glorious dream. There is no greater equalizer than the death of a civilization. Lineage and breeding carry little currency here. Brains, brawn, and talent are far more valuable to those who would carve out a place for themselves.

To some, this new world is a hard place, where life and survival are equivalents, and each day is bought with blood, sweat, and pain. To others, it is not as it once was. A pale imitation, a dying ember from a once great bonfire. For a chosen few, there is opportunity. The scraps of what once was await eager and skilled hands, a chance for power, glory, and place. Regardless of what is, was, and what could be, the world is huge and ready to be carved up.


The Scattered

The Broken

The Wary

The Guarded

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