1st level Gnomish Monk.

Hailing from a large Rock Gnome clan, Creiddylad (Lady) left home at a young (by Gnomish standards) age and wandered for a time until she found a home in a monastery. Though she was never considered a full-fledged member, it didn't deter her from trying, nor did it prevent her from joining in the spartan monastic lifestyle for many years and forming a deep friendship with the Superior.

But all things must end, and the death of the Superior brought new leadership to the monastery, who did not see Lady with the same charitable attitude. Cast away by the new Superior, she oriented herself according to the dying words of her old friend: "know yourself and you may come to know all things." So began her life as a hermit, as she believed there was no better way to attain the knowledge she sought.

Years passed between chance meetings with strangers. Decades passed and nearly all memory of love and friendship and antagonism faded away. She had learned much, but still she remained keenly aware: she did not truly know herself. She concluded, after much meditation, that she had been going about it all wrong.

So she decided to reenter the world. But, like, that was gonna be tough, because she didn't know what people were like anymore, having spent so long in the almost exclusive company of animals and monsters. And she wasn't super personable to begin with, even before the decades of solitude. City life would not be suitable for her at this time. So when she found out Noordin and Stonehame were hiring, she knew it was the opportunity she needed. To get used to being around people again, whilst also meeting new and different and exciting monsters, and killing them. And maybe, just maybe, finally getting to know herself.

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