Kellin Grayfield
Player TomE
Class Fighter 2
Title Human Fighter
XP 2000
GP 72
Alignment CG
Languages Common, CG
Strength 10
Intelligence 7
Wisdom 8
Dexterity 13
Constitution 13
Charisma 12
Armor Class 2 w. shield/3 plate only
Hit Points 6+?
Special Ability
+1 to hit/+1 dmg once/day/lv
Noteworthy Possessions
Platemail, Shield, Spear, Longbow, cont. light stone
Raised from hireling to PC session #3
Played session 4, 5, 7, 8

** Physical Description**

Kellin Grayfield is a 30 year-old human male. He stands at six foot one and has a trim yet slightly muscular build. He has short cropped brown hair that recedes slightly at the temples and a widows peak that draws the eye to his hawkish nose. He shaves almost daily but always seems to have a manly amount of stubble on his face. His eyes are blue and almond shaped.

** Nature and Demeanor **

Under ordinary and low-pressure circumstances Kellin is a friendly and honest person. In combat training or real combat situations it's like a switch is thrown and he becomes bold and very aggressive.

** Origins **

The Grayfields have primarily been farmers for as far back as anyone can recall. Kellin's father was the youngest son of 11 children and set out on his own. His father tried out the adventurers life for a few years as a young man. After being beaten to within an inch of his life on a number of occasions and going hungry on even more, he became a guardsman for a minor lord where he still serves. Kellin was raised by his father to be a fighting man and so that is what he became. Kellin was never directly told who his mother was but found out in roundabout ways that she was a servant at the keep where his father served and she ran off shortly after he was born. What Kellin lacks in athletic talent and tactical thinking he makes up for with his natural ferocity. He was born under the sign of beasts and as a child was very wild and quick to violence. He frequently became frustrated by his shortcomings while training with his father.

Later on upon reaching the age of manhood Kellin became a member of the house guard like his father. After serving for a few years Kellin ruined the arrangement. On that fated rainy night he had a few too many mugs of ale, and heard one taunt too many about his whore of a mother and he flew into a rage injuring several other off-duty guardsmen. In the early morning hours the next day he quickly gathered up a few thinks and hit the road. He has supported himself as a mercenary and a laborer ever since.

** Special ability: Deathblow! **

Being raised by a single dad, lacking the opportunities that everyone else seemed to have, and being born under the sign of beasts has given kellin some anger management problems. Usually he can keep these in check but they are unleashed during combat. Kellin has begun to learn to harness his rage and is able to deal a "Deathblow" once per day per level. A death blow gives Kellin +1 to hit/+1 damage for that called strike.

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