Intern Pool

Surina Turnuroth
Female, level 1, Dragonborn Fighter
While not the strongest of warriors, her skill in fighting helps her do extra damage in melee combat. He black draconic heritage manifests itself in the ability to breathe acid. She has a background as a performer and flutist.

Willian Driskell
Male, level 1, Human Sorcerer
A congenial fellow, uses his force of personality to success in his pursuit of arcane studies. Specializes in charms. Master of disguise.

Soveliss Nailo
Male, level 1, High Elven Ranger
Highly skilled and motivated to do well in his group. Fights with dual shortswords and has a special animosity toward fiendish creatures. Noble birth, speaks 4 languages.

Yvelde Strongbrew
Female, level 1, Half-orc Fighter
Good humored and hard working fighter. Former brewmaster, still associated with Brewer's Guild.

Zook "Cloak" Nackle
Male, level 1, Forest Gnome Wizard
Motivated scholar, somewhat absent-minded when pursuing knowledge. Knowledgeable across many areas. Knows 4 languages.

Lian Teth
Female, level 1, Human Rogue
A known cat burglar turned treasure hunter, always prepared, many contacts in the less savory parts of town.

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