Player Ino
Class Monk 1
Title Mystic Monk of the Crane Clan
XP 745 xp
GP 228 gp
Alignment Neutral
Special Languages
Strength 12
Intelligence 9
Wisdom 17
Dexterity 8
Constitution 11
Charisma 13
Armor Class 8
Hit Points 6
Special Ability

Elevated Abilities +1 to tons of stuff 1x/Level/Day
Mindful, bonuses to listening an detecting secret doors
Stunning Blow, as Sleep spell, 1x/Hour||

Noteworthy Possessions
None, just the illusion of money and nothing to spend it on
Created on Pdxos 01

Ino was born into dysfunction and chaos. His mother perished delivering him into this world. His father was a petty criminal that raised him and brought him into his game as early as possible. After a caper went wrong, a 3-year old Ino found himself an orphan wandering the cruel city streets.
Fortunately, an old monk recognized Ino's plight and took him out of his situation. The monk took him from the city and settled him into country life with the Crane Clan. Unlike some monastic orders, the Cranes include men, women and children. Their path toward balance lies in preparedness and vigilance, much like the crane in its hunt for fish. Forethought and perspective are encouraged in the mind, defense is emphasized in combat. Protecting the family is paramount.
Ino has left the cozy confines of the Crane Clan village, and is searching for his own meaning and path. He thinks he has found a worthy task in these Caves of Chaos, something to test his mettle and training.

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