Session 1: Morgan's Fort

Session run by Chris using the Basic Fantasy gaming system on 3/25/2017.

Insert Play Summary Here for 50xp

Korgoth- human fighter played by Nick
Trystos- human thief played by Geoff
Oona- human magic-user played by Andy

Junior Members:
Errr, six other dudes. Insert your properly spelled names here



Red Slime x 1
Orc Raiders x 5


  • Arrived at Morgan's Fort
  • Flirted with teenage bar wenches
  • Told to clear off from unlicensed palmistry in Morgansfort Square
  • Crossed the river
  • Set foot in Olde Island Fort
  • Perused the creaking graffiti tower

681gp in ancient silver and gold coins
300gp in coiling lattice necklace of gold, pearl, and crystal.
?gp matching golden flagons, chased in platinum and depicting a mighty battle.

Coins and necklace taxed 10% at Morgansfort.

XP earned
Red Slime 37xp divided between 9 PCs = 4.11xp each
Orc Raiders 125xp divided between 9 PCs = 13.8xp each
Treasure 981xp divided between 9 PCs = 109xp each

9 PCs = 127xp each (All six level 0 PCs are now level 1 with 27xp)
98gp, 1sp each after taxes

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