The Scattered


"The world was filled with precious garbage." —Ryan Boudinot, Blueprints of the Afterlife

Amongst the remnants, humans do what they have always done: adapted, survived, thrived. Whomever occupied the seats of power in the past age, it is humans that are staking their claim in this bold and dangerous new world. Challenging order, establishing new hierarchies, venturing into danger, these are all the province of the modern human. Humans are seen in both settled and nomadic settings. Fledgling noble houses, councils, and guilds have arisen here and there as human centers of power. But while political power is fantastic, the humans are often seen as the power brokers of the gleaned economy. After all, humans are taking most of the risks out there in recovering treasures from the scattered wastes, so it is only right that they hold the resultant purse strings.

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