House Rules

Character Creation
*Roll 3 sets of stats for your character, choose one, and give the remainder for the creation of the Intern Pool.
*Maximum Hit Points for first level.
*Do not create any Bonds, these will be created during the first session.
*Any official races and classes are fair game.

Performance Review
At the end of each venture, the Team must check in with Humanoid Resources for a Performance Review.
*Team Player Reward: The Team must choose a character who has acted admirably on behalf of the team. This player will gain a 100 XP bonus.
*Role-player Reward: The Team must choose a player who has role-played their character with grace, bombast, aplomb, etc. This player will gain a 100 XP bonus.
*Bonds: Any character who has resolved a bond earns 100 XP. At the DM's discretion, that character can receive a limited synergy bonus with the character in which they share a bond. This is a one-way deal, and it may go away if this bond is broken.

Team Lead
The Team must elect a designated Lead, whose responsibilities include reporting to upper management and heretofore unannounced duties. The Lead need not always be the same character. The methodology used by the Lead to lead is up to the Lead. The Lead must be a regular attendee. The exception could be in the case of a rotating Lead arrangement.

True Names
Naming has a bit of power in these lands. Sorcerers, Mages, and other users of arcane forces are susceptible to weakness should their True Name be known. There are many theories as to why this is so, but nevertheless, magic-wielding folk tend to guard their True Name jealously. If an arcane magic user knows the True Name of another arcane magic-user they have advantage against said foe.

Elucidation Stone Presentations
One artifact in use by Noordin and Stonehame is the Elucidation Stone. This stone, when held in the hand of the speaker, projects a step-by-step visual to the Team that perfectly matches the presenters intentions and ideas. Here are the rules for the Elucidation Stone:
*Benefit: The presentation conveys advantage to the Team if they encounter situations germain to the presentation's topic.
*Limited availability: Roll d100. There is a 40% chance that the Stone is available and not needed by another Team.
*Limited uses: The Elucidation Stone has 3 uses per day. Roll d100. 01-33, 3 uses left. 34-66, 2 uses left. 67-00, 1 use left.
*GM's Discretion: The presentation must be quite specific. If the presentation is too general, it will not convey advantage to the Team.

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