Hold 46

Welcome to Hold 46!

Where is Hold 46?

Hold 46 sits alone upon the edge of known civilization and the Northwest Forest. It is a simple village of honest and mostly welcoming forester folk. The people here spend their lives harvesting and cutting the wood that is available to them in the Forest. In those dark boughs are the raw materials that District 4 requires for the Effort. The work of the folk of Hold 46 help to build the skeleton and fuel the construction behind the nations Effort. The voluminous Northwest Forest lies a few days northwest of Hold 46. It is dark and foreboding, at times housing the rare creature not destroyed by the Knights Vigilant. Fields of life-sustaining grains line the road that heads southeast toward District 4 and then the capitol of Vigilance. A smoky haze can be seen far to the southwest, produced by the industry of the local District.

What are the folk of Hold 46 like?

The folk of Hold 46 work hard. Like in holds across the land, all is for the Effort. The folk are fine with that, especially when they see the shiny armor, splendid cloaks, and fell hands of the Knights Vigilant. The Orders Vigilant keep the beasties at bay, so the folk can enjoy their very simple pleasures of day to day life.

The holdsfolk of 46 are not strangers to the dark and unfamiliar, as the Knights Vigilant reach is not as absolute as it is in the rest of the land. Fey creatures, monstrous forms, and beings of magic show their face from time to time. At times, an itinerant Justicar will have a detachment of Knights Vigilant housed at the hold's constabulary, but most incidents require the hold send a runner to the nearest fort. By the time the Knights get to the hold to vanquish the creatures, the folk of Hold 46 have already seen a lot.

Most holdsfolk do not ever make the trip to the capitol of Vigilance. A few will travel to District 4 to conduct business for the foresters or the hold itself. Life is hard here. The Orders Vigilant require much of the citizenry. Every able-bodied man, woman, and child must do their part in the nation's grand Effort. If they didn't, the country would be overrun with the foul, crawly masses of chaos. The threat of annihilation looms large in the head of holdsfolk from all over the land, but especially int he minds of the hardy folk of Hold 46. The forest is dark and foreboding, the weather is grey and wet. The distant spires and smokestacks of District 4 cast an inky-blackness into the skies to the southeast. Past the forest is the Boundary, known to some as the Gift, or the Forbidding. It is an impassable barrier that protects the lands from threats without. The Boundary is transparent, and some curious folk make the trip to gaze beyond the Boundary. Those trips are largely uneventful. It is rumored that some folk have found ways to pass through into the lands beyond, but none have returned.

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