Harridus The Counter

In the darkest corner of the inn is a decrepit old man. His mirth is only matched by his tendency to count strange things. "A collector I am," says Harridus, though what he collects he tallies in the vast stacks tomes that reside in his mind. "I collect the words and phrases that pass by the lips of friend and stranger alike."

The patrons often speak with the jovial old man, inquiring about his latest collections. He will turn his jagged tooth smile on them and blink his larger eye and inform them. "Aye stranger, I am collecting BITCHES. The traveler Taladan spews them forth like they're going out of style. I shall have a sizable collection before long…"

A bored and impish patron approaches Harridus and asks, "How goes the collecting, old one?"

"Eh?" Harridus seems surprised that anyone cares. "Well, I have had a decent time. I have collected 11 bitches! Not bad for a night's work, eh? I even managed to get my hands on the less common be-yotch, 4 of them, in fact. I even managed to track down the rare and elusive biz nitch! Only one, though. I think I shall start a new collection. A traveler from the distant east told me of PLAYED OUT NERDY TURNS OF PHRASE. We'll see how that pans out…"

Stay tuned as Harridus adds to his collection!

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