Player ?
Class Fighter 1
Title Human Warrior
XP ?xp
GP ?gp
Alignment ?
Special Languages
Strength ?
Intelligence ?
Wisdom ?
Dexterity ?
Constitution ?
Charisma ?
Armor Class ?
Hit Points ?
Special Ability
Exceptionally strong
Noteworthy Possessions
a small letter from Baron Batlin
Created session ?


Guleesh was born in a tiny collection of huts and farms on the outskirts of the port town of Minoc in the West. His parents and his younger sister were killed were killed during a raid by dog-men while he hid in a bale of hay. A local baron, Batlin, in Minoc took him in as a hired hand out of pity.


Guleesh favors wearing the colors of the baron’s house (red and blue) along with military garb, like armor. He has braided hair. Through constant, hard labor, Guleesh has developed a stronger physique. He also carries a letter that has meaning to him.

Important Events

Guleesh made a friend with a small boy, Tseramed, while under Baron Batlin’s care. He was a member of a Batlin’s family who took a particular interest in Guleesh’s military training and seemed to admire him as an older brother, which Batlin seemed to encourage. During Guleesh’s training he became involved in a gambling racket and lost all his savings as well as a precious heirloom of Batlin’s. In disgrace, Guleesh attempted to use the help of an evil man to give him “power” to win his fortune back. Little did Guleesh know, this evil man had demonic power and was attempting to ensnare Guleesh’s soul. Eventually, through the dark magic, Guleesh won the heirloom back. The evil man sent his servant to collect payment, but Guleesh bitterly regretted his pact. In fright, Guleesh slew the servant and fled. The evil man vowed to destroy Guleesh and all he holds dear.
While fleeing, Guleesh took to odd jobs and vowed to become a just man. Unfortunately he learned through gossip that the Baron of Minoc has taken ill with some unknown sickness. Seeing the evil man’s vow of destruction beginning to come true, Guleesh started to fall to old gambling habits and also began to drink heavily. One night, in a drunken rage, he struck and killed a farmer he was gambling with when he learned the farmer was cheating. Again, Guleesh fled until he came across a black market organization that sold cheap liquor to local inns, a violation of the Valleyking who owns many hop fields and vineyards. Guleesh is currently at the Keep on the Borderlands prospecting for potential buyers, but he is looking for a way out and to return to a life of anonymity where the evil man won’t find him. He often thinks of Tseramed and Batlin and hopes that the evil man won’t bring darkness upon them. While at the Keep, Guleesh discovered by chance that he has an uncle outside the capital who owns a large horse farm.

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