Gildenbough (ACKs)


Character Name Gildenbough the Scarred Last Session Updated on Wiki:
Player Name Geoff Session Created:
Class Elven Spellsword First Session Played:
Character LV 1 Company Membership: Crimson Blades
Tiltle Arcanist-Guardian Guild Membership:
Alignment NG


Basic Stats modifier
STR 13 +1
INT 13 +1
WIS 10 0
DEX 15 +1
CON 8 -1
CHR 7 -1

Movement and Saving Throws

Base 60 Petrification & Polymorph 14 -1
Combat 20 Poison & Death 14
Charge/Run 60 Blast & Breath 16
Climb Staff & Wand 16
Stealth Spells 16 -1


HP Max 5 AC 8 Initiative +1
Base Attack Throw For Class and LV(only) 10+
Base DMG For CLass and LV(only)
Weapons & Attacks Adjusted Throw Adjusted DMG
1 Long Bow 9+ 1d6+2
2 Sword 9+ 1d6+2/1d8+2
3 Dagger 9+ 1d4+2
4 Nehrujj 7+ 1d6+4/1d8+4

Class & Race Abilities

Missile/melee attack damage +1
+1 Bonus surprise in wild
Keen eyes, detect hidden/secret doors, 8+ active, 14+ casual
Immune to ghoul paralysis


Adventuring p58
Collegiate Wizardry p59
Healing p51
Precise Shooting p63
General Proficiency3

Loot (or starting wealth for newbs)

Copper 14
Silver 15
Electrum 0
Gold 103
Platinum 0
Bank Account 1190gp and 1 score silver arrows


Experience Earned 2656
XP Needed to Next LV 4000
Bonus for high stats 5%

Magic Items

Nehrujj, +2 sword, wrested from the wight of a barbarian king
Elven Full Plate +1

Equipment List

20 arrows
1 score plus 2 silver tipped arrows
2 small sacks
50' of rope
Standard rations
Spell Book
Elvish Full Plate +1

Spell Casting and/or other magic like ability

Arcane Spell Casters
Spells Cast Per Day Per Spell Level: 1
Spells: Magic Missile p81, Sleep p86, Detect Magic p75
Divine Spell Casters
Spells Cast Per Day Per Spell Level
Turn Undead Chart for Current LV and Any Proficiency Modifiers

Physical Description of Character

Character Background

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