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List of stats for the next two characters for Mathew

STR 17
WIS 12

These stats will belong to Dekkar of the North, a great warrior who trained with Northern raiders and knights from the East. Dekkar wields a massive two handed axe with one wicked blade on a side and capped with a steel spike on the other. He trained with multiple disciplines, taking the best of each of them: the ferocity and fury of the axe wielding raiders, the armored protection of the knights, the tactics of Dwarven war bands. He's not the smartest of men, or the most diplomatic, but he is honest, true, faithful, and willing to fight to protect others. He doesn't fear death, only dishonor.

STR 14
INT 13
WIS 11
CON 10
CHR 12

This last set of stats belong to Neru the Large, a morbidly obese wizard of little skill or power. But that doesn't stop him from being jolly, loud, and willing to throw his weight around. Neru's balding pate shines wildly in the sun when he lifts his head and laughs. But there is a dark streak beneath the surface to the mage. Even though his face is round and jowly and he has large folds that crinkle, when he narrows his eyes to cast a spell he crackles with power and intensity.

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