Future Members Of The Crimson Blades Listed By Player
This is a list of stat blocks, the characters they are used for, and the stats/characters that players are "stuck with" before new stat blocks can be rolled.

Complete Character Sheets With Character Backgrounds Can Be Found Under Portland Oldschool Characters

Calamari The Great

Basic Stat Character 2 mod Character 3 mod
STR 14 +1 17 +2
INT 13 +1 9
WIS 11 11
DEX 5 -2 9
CON 10 9
CHA 12 8

Tarsus is the first of my block, Character 2 is Neru the large a Mage of little skill. He is a very large man, easily 300 pounds and barely five and a half feet tall. Sweat beads on his bald head at the slightest movement no matter the weather or actual physical exertion. He's a jolly man, always ready with a joke, a drink, or a kind word. But his exterior happiness shouldn't be mistaken for weakness, when he squints his eyes in anger and concentration before casting a spell the wrinkles may crinkle and the jowls may wiggle but there is steel and death in his eyes.

Character 3 is one I hope to play for awhile…Dekkar of the North. A warrior (it's possible that he is Tarsus' older brother/heir looking for his wayward younger brother) who has traveled throughout the world gaining knowledge as he went: embracing fearlessness from the raiders in the North, the benefits of armor training with men on caravan, and tactics from a small band of dwarves he spent a few weeks with. He isn't the friendliest or most diplomatic of men but he's loyal, faithful, not afraid of anything, and will risk his life for his friends or those in need. A giant of a man, he wears custom fit plate mail with chain at the joints for increased maneuverability, and stalks his foe with a massive two handed axe, curved blade on one side and steel bludgeoning counter weight on the other.


Stat Block Rolled Post Session 32 on 12/26/2013
Three stat blocks were rolled as per DM Greengoat using 3d6 straight down (hardcore rules)
When these three have been created and played, or deemed stillborn, a new block of five characters will be rolled

Basic Stat Character 1 mod Character 2 mod Character 3 mod
STR 11 6 -1 10
INT 15 +1 7 -1 8 -1
WIS 9 14 +1 12
DEX 9 12 12
CON 8 -1 15 +1 8 -1
CHA 8 -1 11 8 -1

The first stat block (in bold) has been used to create Dagmij(ACKs) Dagmij the human wizard. For now, Dagmij is a B-Team Crimson Blade Hopeful. He was created post session 32. Stat block 2 will probably be used. Stat block three might have been stillborn…


Stat Block rolled before session 33 on 1/2/2014
Five stat blocks were rolled using 3d6 stright down. Two were given to GM Greengoat for use as NPCs.

Basic Stat Character 1 mod Character 2 mod Character 3 mod
STR 17 +2 16 +2 15 +2
INT 9 -1 13 +1 8 -1
WIS 12 0 10 0 9 -1
DEX 7 -2 11 0 11 0
CON 14 +1 18 +3 8 -1
CHA 4 -3 12 0 11 0

Stat block 2 is the most promising. This character will be seeking a spot on the Crimson Blades' roll of dramatis personae.

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