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Post any suggestions about elements, places, races, etc. that you'd like to see in what is basically a post-cataclysmic fantasy setting. See the Burning Wheel page for what is already there.

Burning World by GorffGorff, 21 Jul 2014 23:28

Another idea:

"The World Was Filled with Precious Garbage"

Actually this sounds like a great concept for another story game I have played, Apocolypse World. It has neat and easy mechanics and also kinda has a doomed spin on it, but is pretty fun. It's the ruleset that Dungeon World is based on.

Re: Summer Project by GreengoatGreengoat, 04 May 2014 05:00

Another idea:

"The World Was Filled with Precious Garbage"
This is a quote taken from one of my recent favorite reads, but a cool idea. The world as it once was has ended. The structures of power have been destroyed and folk are trying to chart a new course for the remaining pockets of civilization. The characters are Gleaners, brave folk who venture out into the now untamed "in between" places to recover the lost and forgotten pieces of the world's past. Some work for themselves, but many are in the employ of power hungry leaders, curious scholars, mad inventors, or even new age religious extremists who just want to smash the old relics to bits. Will the characters be pawns or claim something as their own?

Re: Summer Project by GorffGorff, 04 May 2014 01:32

I have always been partial to adventuring in a harsh environment like arctic tundra or the desert. I know literally nothing about anything wuxia.


Hidden Valley Not-a-Ranch
The characters are all folk who live in a sleepy, secluded valley. It is protected by something called "the Forbidding" and it seems to be failing. Beasts of legend have been sighted, people have disappeared. Some people want this investigated, some want to hunker down and defend their way of life, and some people want to get out while they still have their lives.

Tabula Rasa
The world has suffered some kind of massive catastrophe. Those that survived have awoke, but have no memory of the past save odd, fractured images and impressions. Everything is starting anew. Some are trying to seize power, some are trying to rediscover the past, some are trying to eke out an existence and start a new life.

Wild West with Swords not Guns
The desert stretches for countless miles. It is not a wasteland, but people and animals cling tenaciously to the scattered pockets of life giving water. The characters are members of one such place. Typically, these places are protected by a champion who organizes and personally vouches for the defense of the town. The champion has died and the town is being badly run by his maimed killer and his few cronies who survived the fight. What's more? A new challenger is rumored to approach the town, as news of its dire situation has spread.

The Old World is Right Over There
The village elders forbid any visits, but its just a treacherous climb away. The battle-scarred vets of the Last War have no desire to explore the odd ruins that dot the mountains. But some people really want to explore those caves with ornate entries and inexplicable docks that are anchored in to the mountains two-thirds of the way up. Those people are you!

Re: Summer Project by GorffGorff, 02 May 2014 04:54

We must remember that it is "all about the cones!"

Re: Summer Project by GorffGorff, 01 May 2014 13:49

When you need a break between sessions this summer, I'd be happy to run a one-off board game session involving either Diplomacy or the Cones of Dunshire. But probably Diplomacy. Or Game of Thrones, if I can get my hands on a copy without actually having to purchase it.

Re: Summer Project by ArtharillArtharill, 29 Apr 2014 22:12

I think it would be best if we just started with a story theme/conflict in a bite sized chunk and add a couple broad assumptions that we agree on. The traditional "campaign world" model of D&D are great to read and can be inspiring but are also no use for actually prepping a game to run unless you have a scripted adventure. So here is my loose shot at some suggestions or elevator pitches for a story/adventure, followed by some "flavors".

It takes a village… for regicide.
In a peaceable minor barony, things are just about to get crazy. The loyal subjects have just killed their lord. He was young, handsome, and also a nasty, horrible person who didn't have hair of sensibility for leadership. The players are important people in the barony NOW. Some probably had a hand in his death, some probably want to put their own choices on the throne, some need to save their necks, some are claimants to the throne, some represent the king who doesn't take regicide lightly. Maybe the barony is invaded, maybe a claimant is here with his crusading knights to get a piece of the action. Maybe the orcs or dwarves think it's the proper time to move in.

Thorny For Roses
A divine monastery welcomes travelers for a pilgrimage only to have the solemn occasion upset buy murder of a monk or five. Some players can be competing schisms, some can be frauds, some can be inquisitors, whatever. Read the book.

We're All New At This
The players are the servants of a powerful wizard and must go about leading construction of his long planned dream-dungeon. How many laborers will they lose to the dark horrors they must house in the dungeon? Probably expensive! Do they have to clear one set of evil denizens from the caves before they can move the wizard's favorite evil denizens in? What if the powerful wizard keeps changing his mind about the dungeon layout? Pure fantasy-contracting horror!

The Great Tournament or Master Whitebrows is an Evil SOB
See Master Of The Flying Guillotine. Not quite Dragon Ball Z, but it would be fun to have a Wuxia game with evil/good monks and many esoteric fighting styles. Evil eunuchs, noble houses etc. I am relatively up on my classic Kung-Fu films but I don't know about the rest of you. I can make suggestions.


Fantasy Versions:

  • ancient classic (greece/rome/egypt)
  • early european medieval
  • late european medieval
  • Renaissance
  • american fantasy (kinda like the wild west with swords)
  • Chinese Wuxia (Dragon Inn, etc)
  • Japanese Samurai Noir (Sword Of Doom, Sword Of the Beast)
  • Hammer Horror (bloody pilgrims)
  • sword & sorcery (by way of texas - Conan)
  • Tolkien
  • D&D Fantasy
  • Low Magic
  • High Magic
  • New Wave (60's Moorcock/Ursula K. Le Guin)


  • Sea
  • Frozen North
  • Savannah
  • Desert
  • Forest
  • Farmlands
  • Generic Fantasy Land
Re: Summer Project by GreengoatGreengoat, 29 Apr 2014 19:12

I spoke with Chris, and since we have been having fun with Mouse Guard, I decided I would run a Burning Wheel game. I have begun reading through it, and I don't think it would be much of a transition. It just goes deeper and has more complex characters. One example: You choose three beliefs.

I am sure we will convene as a group, but since it has been hard for us to be together at once, we could use this forum to discuss things that we would like to see in this game. Please limit PC races to basic stuff, I don't want to create races as we are just beginning to use the system.

Re: Summer Project by GorffGorff, 24 Apr 2014 02:36

I want to run a game this summer, but I don't want to go too crazy reading rule books. So I'll choose one. What sounds best?

1. Star Wars. Reconvene our group of rogues on some smuggling missions in the Fringe of Imperial space.
2. Mobile Frame Zero. Let's use the campaign rules.
3. Burning Wheel. The big brother of Mouse Guard. We could try some more lethal adventuring where we are not the smallest things in the woods.
4. Spirit of the Century. A "pick-up RPG" with supposedly easy to learn rules. I'd set it in Portland between WW1 and 2. It would most likely involve beating up scheming Klansmen.

Summer Project by GorffGorff, 13 Apr 2014 23:09

I can play any of those games. After report cards are done, I may even have time to play some!

I am also a Civilization V fanatic! I have pretty much all of the expansions.

On that note, I almost peed myself when I saw this:

There has been some intermittent playing of video games among the Oregon Red Box community. As much as I prefer the clatter of plastic polyhedrals on a wood table to fiddling on the internet, this is a thread all about the latter.

On Steam I can play:
Torchlight 2
DOTA2 (Friendly matches with bots so I don't get my ass handed to me by foul child-spawn.)
Team Fortress

Starcraft2 (slowly learning)

and of course cross-platform oldies
Dune 2000
Total Annhilation

My Steam ID is: Mr. Greengoat

I fully support scheduling.
I suggest people shout out what they want to play. I am easy with running the ACKS D&D or Mouseguard.

Player Apr 7+ Apr 14+ Apr 21+ Apr 28+ Game Preference
Greengoat Thr-Fri Any Any Not 1st Thr Can Do Any
Shadowmancer ? ? ? Thur or Fri anything with swords and dice
Gorff ? Out Out Thurs or Fri Mouse Guard or MOF0 has been good lately
Taladan ? ? ? ? ?
Artharill ? ? ? ? ?
Perfumed Dwarf ? ? ? ? ?
MewlingMoo ? ? ? ? ?
Calamari TG ? ? ? ? ?
Re: April Schedule! by GreengoatGreengoat, 09 Apr 2014 03:21

Hey all,
As I am stranded at the hospital (planned visit, no emergencies), I thought I'd give a shot at kick starting our sad wiki. So, I am doing something a little lazy (table-less).

Here are our current games:
Mouse Guard RPG
Adventure Conqueror King RPG
Mobile Frame Zero (Lego robot fighting)
Anything else?

Post your availability for the following time frames and what you'd like to play.

April 7-11

April 14-18

April 21-25

April 28-May 1

April Schedule! by GorffGorff, 08 Apr 2014 04:01

I have proposed a game for Tuesday 3/18 because of my random work schedule. I have sent an email out to everyone. Please respond to the email either way, thanks!

Re: Guarding Mice? by ShadowmancerShadowmancer, 15 Mar 2014 20:29

So, what is going on for this week of Thursday March 13th? Anybody listening? Hello?

Re: Guarding Mice? by GreengoatGreengoat, 10 Mar 2014 21:42

I am in for it.
I think Taladan was calling out last week. Can Tal-to-the-Dan do this week? Diplomatic action? Maybe a little firey speeach to the european assembly?

Also email us your house address Artharil, we promise not to put you on mailing lists.

Re: Diplomacy by GreengoatGreengoat, 23 Feb 2014 19:50

OK, so far Gorff is in, as well as myself, and I believe Calamari the Great and Greengoat expressed their availability last week. Shadowmancer will only be available this coming Thursday but not the Thursday after, which is fine because he was going to be Austria anyway. Taladan is a no.

If nobody else can come, that makes five, which is enough to play the pre-1871 version of the game (i.e. before Germany or Italy consolidated). It should be noted that Austria is quite a bit less useless in this version, but it also takes less time, so it's possible we could finish or come close in one night.

I vote yes to Diplomacy; what say you all?

Re: Diplomacy by ArtharillArtharill, 23 Feb 2014 01:52

So, I thought the second game of Mouse Guard went really well last Thursday considering new players with new characters. (And new GM)

When I first played a couple games of Mouse Guard and it's bigger system Burning Wheel, I had a hard time figuring out how to play with the mechanics and the flow of the game. The "talking" of how you play at the table is pretty different than more traditional games like D&D. So I am glad things went as well as they did last night. Sorry for any points that where unclear Congratulations to our three Guardmice for convincing some winter-crazed villagers from getting themselves killed in the wild or by weasel.

We probably could/should have kept going to get the mail-bag from the raven but I was fixated as GM on getting to the post-session part of the game where we award MVP and get points for goals and beliefs. It reinforces what players should do for the next game because they see how the mechanics reward their playing of beliefs and traits. And also we have a clear mission for the next session: Get the mail from the damn raven.

A couple points I looked up:

  • You increase trait levels, add new traits, and subtract old traits in the winter season. All the players get together and have group decisions about how traits are changed in the Reflection part of the winter season. Crazy, no?
  • Skills and abilities (Nature, Health, Resources, etc) are increased with the pass/fail checkmarks like we discussed.
  • The Injured condition, like Humphrey had, can be fixed by a healer with an Ob 3 roll. Tools and teamwork-help could help out. If you were without a healer, you would have to just roll your health versus Ob 4 with no help from others.
  • One pass/fail check per conflict or test. The first one you do.

You can get the Mouse Guard comics at any comic book store and in the Rose Kid's Comics section of powels.
The site for Mouse Guard and Burning Wheel is below.:

Also here is a hack to turn the game into a Middle-Earth game with rangers:

Re: Guarding Mice? by GreengoatGreengoat, 22 Feb 2014 08:10
Re: Diplomacy
TaladanTaladan 20 Feb 2014 20:08
in discussion Games & Events / Proposed Games » Diplomacy

Yes, I slack on the wiki. Sorry.

I am out again this week. Sorry for that too.

Re: Diplomacy by TaladanTaladan, 20 Feb 2014 20:08

So the model UN does not meet in Artharil's basement tomorrow.

I will start my nagging, haggish questioning of our ability to schedule 24 hours in advance say that my basement is open. Please come.
I have a hot new game that involves medieval mice in Michigan. Get there at 7.

Guarding Mice? by GreengoatGreengoat, 20 Feb 2014 07:41
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