Earning Experience
Power balance is an important part of table-top gaming staying fun for all. Pathfinder is a very different game than Old-School D&D and ACKs and it will take some time to adjust to the scaled-up epicness of The Pathfinder System. My goal is to award experience both in a standard way, and in ways that encourage interacting with the wiki in a low to moderate amount between play sessions. I also am hoping to balance this in a way that does not leave players far behind when they don't have the time to check in and write something between each session. So, below are some thought on how I would like to start the campaign as far as experience points awards.

In Game Awards

thoughts on experience scale will go here

Killing/Defeating Stuff In Play

Winning/Taking/Stealing Stuff In Play

Quest/Objective Completion

Critical Success I can't believe things turned out so well! Can I do it again? Tally up your naural 20s from attack rolls and skill checks. At the end of each session your character gains a 5XP bonus for each attack and skill critical success (attack rolls of natural 20 do not have to be critical hit confirmed to count for this tally, a critical confirm roll of natural 20 counts as an additional tally).

Critical Failure We often learn the most from our greatest failures. Tally up your natural 1s from attack rolls and skill checks. At the end of each session your character gains a 10XP bonus for each attack and skill fumble.

Great One Liners/Playing Your Character

Between Game Awards


Conducting Business

Looking For/Getting Into Trouble

Character Backgrounds

Session Summaries

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