Carn - Intergalactic Thunder Cleric of Crom the StarSmasher

1st Level Dwarven Intergalactic Thunder Cleric of Crom the StarSmasher

Class: Tempest Cleric (devout adjudicator of Crom)

Personality Traits:
- I like to think that with the right amount of thunder or lightning, anything is possible.
- I seek out out glory and great frivolity, and to suck the marrow out of life’s bones.

- It is my divine mandate to crush my enemies, and free humanoid kind from the overreaching of Law and Chaos.

Cleric Bond
-My blood (and the spilled blood of others) for Crom. (One of my driving goals is to figure out how to join Crom in his eternal battle against Colaxis and the serpent- wizards of Praxis IV across the stars.)

-I overemphasize my lackadaisical bravado in order to draw attention away from my low level of intelligence (I am quite perceptive and aware of this fact).
-I cannot say no to a challenge.

-Carn always dreamed of being a sailor, wearing the dashing white outfits with blue ascots and the like. Yet his curmudgeon father, the hill smith, would not hear of it, and trained him to swing a hammer (a smith, you get it).
-At the age of 18, full of angst and longing, Carn ditched his responsibilities for the and went with some friends to the coast to do teenager things. Upon reaching the coast, he became enthralled with the bustling port. He had recently started getting with his first girlfriend, Hillenda. He confessed that it was his dream to become a sailor. Hillenda was dismissive, citing age (dwarves age like humans but aren’t considered adults until 50), and his super stable and boring lifetime position within the stuffy hill clan. “Silly Carn, dwarves cannot swim. We sink you stupid child.” Spurned, Carn stormed off. After acquiring a fierce drunkenness, he made his way to the docks and signed on to be a sailor.
-Years pass, he learns the sailing trade (the songs, the dances, the drinking, the women). He moves up, gaining some notoriety as a good addition and has some stature.
-One stormy evening when he had deck duty, the ship was besieged by a mighty storm. The ship sunk. Carn had been cast off the ship before this due to a precariously placed lightning bolt striking next to him (he was propelled into the dark sea).
-Carn’s last image was of the murky dark of the ocean waters. Pinpricks of light ignited all around him, much like stars. His eyes drift closed to the as he resigned to the end.
-Carn awoke atop a mountain that was also a star. Looking up, his gazed fell upon the the glorific titan that is Crom StarSmasher.
-In an exchange that is remembered more as light, color, 4 dimensional shapes and sound, Carn filled with the intergalactic thunder spirit. The communion ended with Crom impaling Carn with his flaming space sword. Carn awakens on a desolate beach, filled with the drive to bring Crom’s will to the world.
-Years pass, Carn adventures, killing baddies, bringing glory and basking in a life of frivolity. These ends are met by many different means (adventuring groups, quests, etcetera).

Deity: Crom!!!

Crom. The Mountain King. Lord of Valhalla. StarSmasher.
"Crom is the god of men and steel. Long ago,
the giants that live in the earth tricked Crom
and took from him the riddle of steel. Crom
killed the giants with fire and earth and threw
their bodies into the ocean. But in the fury of
battle, the gods forgot the secret of steel on the
battlefield, and those that found it are simply
men. Not gods, nor giants, but men.
Some claim that Crom was once a man, that he
led the armies of the Wild Men the day they
broke the strength of the Elder slavers. Perhaps,
but no matter. For now Crom continues the
eternal battle against Colaxis and the serpent-
wizards of Praxis IV across the stars."

The Cleric’s Life:
Clerics of Crom are intergalactic warriors, pledged to the service of Crom in the eternal war against the serpents of Colaxis. Their lives are typically short and glorious. It is divine mandate to crush their enemies, seek out glory and great frivolity, and to suck the marrow out of life’s bones.
Alignment (Neutral…in a cosmic sense): Crom is a balanced force who thrills for battle. He fights for a future where beings choose their own destiny and are free from the overreaching of Law and Chaos.

Clerics of Crom heal by distributing the wounds of their subjects across all the host of Crom’s followers. Habittually scars will appear on the clerics body, the shouldering of past wounds. Yet eventually the cleric will be called upon to bear a greater portion of these wounds…

Sworn Enemies:
Serpents, serpentine humanoids, planar (law/chaos) creatures, dark sorcerers and magical constructs, giants, poisoners, deceivers, subhumanoids (goblins, orcs, kobolds, gnolls, etc).

Clerics of Crom love to utter sacred catch-phrases when utilizing divine magic. Suitable examples include (and are mysteriously reminiscent of 80s cartoons):

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