Burning Wheel

This is the home for Geoff's fledgling Burning Wheel campaign. We will kick things of with a session of an introductory microdungeon adventure, and then we will build our campaign from there.

The Premise:
The world that once thrived and spread across the earth is one of distant memory. It has been generations since the foolish folk of that age made the fateful decisions that left their world broken and battered. Remnants still stand that remind people of what was and what could be again. Husks of ancient structures made of fantastically strong metals dot some landscapes, roads built of strange composite materials, inexplicable gadgets, and yet in other places, the destruction was more complete. Stable communities are few and, literally, far between. As folk struggle to either recreate the old world or shape a new one, it is almost impossible to avoid looking for the past. You may be many things, but like most people, you are a "gleaner," one of the many who scour the blasted lands in search of remnants of a bygone age. Doors and portals to hidden complexes, deep recesses that did not take the brunt of the cataclysm that rocked the world, these are the things that a gleaner thirsts for. What is within can mean convenience, fortune, power, or even an unlucky disaster.

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