Transcript Of Remembrance Day Address

As read by Mayor Sampson Peach on the 29th of Planting, 1217th year of this age.

As we begin the year 1217, let us remember our lives as they had been in years past.

No one alive today remembers the days when the sick, the grievously injured, the elderly were left outside the walls of our cities and towns. With tears in our eyes and anguish in our hearts, we turned our backs on our loved ones because we could only afford for the healthy to live. We were under constant assault from creatures and beings from beyond our borders. They would hunt us and kill us and force us into a game of survival. All the free and good people of the Three Fastnesses grew strong and clever. We learned how to repel invaders, we learned to make our homes inviolate, over years we built this mighty wall around our mountain home. Our hearts grew cold and hard as we pushed on and survived each trial. Still, we could not get ahead and live safely and comfortably.

Then, a friend to all of Bastion began to work under the mountain. (Cheers from the crowd.) Master Stonehame dug deeper and deeper, driven by a need that none of us could understand. He brought wonders from beneath the mountain. These wonders, these devices from the deeps made our lives better. Then, as Master Stonehame developed his enterprise, he brought in the keen mind of Mistress Noordin (even more applause) and together discovered that our fastness, our realm of Bastion, sit atop the achievements of giants. It was discovered that we do not just sit above a hoard of treasure, but the remnants of a bygone age. An age whose people produced artifacts of such wonder and brilliance that only a precious few are understood today.

Our defenses grew stronger. (cheers)

We developed ties with the Fastnesses of Trueearth and Seaholme. (more cheers)

We got better at farming. (more cheers)

We became better builders, we grew farther and higher. (big cheers)

We were able to breathe. (huge applause, long pause)

We can embrace our elders, nurse our sick children, tend to our wounded in healing houses because of those folk that came before us. For all that we have today, let us remember that. (murmurs of agreement)

Let us go out today and make Bastion stronger and better. Go forth in strength, go forth in skill, go forth in caring and conviction. (massive applause)

Let us make 1217 a beautiful year.

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