Training Day

To: Jonas Underroot, Director of Humanoid Resources

From: Jeram Chillings, RT Liaison

RE: Training Exercise

Present: Ward "the Bastard", Lady, Grigor Ustav, Carn

Our newest Reclamation Team went out to do the bridge team-building exercise. As you know, we have constructed a rickety bridge on one of the timber roads not too far from Mistport. A number of interesting things occurred. First, though this bridge looks dilapidated, it is not meant to collapse, but it did! One of our trainers, Rodney was caught on the bridge and fell into the ravine. Second, the team's cleric, Carn, hesitated as Rodney fell, failing to save the trainer.

Grigor prompted the team to make a half-day trek down to the bottom of the ravine to inspect Rodney's body. They chose to give Rodney a proper burial because "it was the right thing to do." In a moment of panic or bad judgement, Ward lifts Rodney's evaluation papers off him and decides to forge the evaluation. A little out of bounds, but shows a desire for the team to succeed. Lady then gets the team to climb up the other side, where upon completion of the climb, they find an old abandoned tower. This was not intended on being part of the exercise.

They explore the tower, learning that the only place to go is into the lower levels of the ruin. As they wind their way through the dungeon of the tower, they heard footsteps approaching. It was Rodney, though a bit more dusty than before. He took the forged documents back but decided that the team deserved high marks. At that point, the team were attacked by a series of skeletons that were promptly dispatched. An interesting day. I suppose I look forward to working with this team.

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