12 Planting 1217 Letter Of Employment

10 Planting 1217

Greetings future employee of Noordin and Stonehame Consolidated Holdings!

On behalf of the Owner’s Council of Noordin and Stonehame, Bastion’s first name in Artifact Acquisition Companies, I’d like to welcome you to the ranks of our storied company. With you and others, a future that is materializing in front of our very eyes is being realized today.

In a few days, Humanoid Resources will send you a Personal Records Form, which must be completed and brought to work on your first day. It will help out support teams know how to best serve your needs and help keep you as a healthy and effective member of our team.

You have been hired as part of a Reclamation Team, these teams are at the core of what we do. On your first day, you will start your 1-month orientation. It may seem excessive to train to do what you do for an entire month, but your training will infuse you with the institutional knowhow of our company and help build a solid foundation of teamwork and efficacy.

Each of you come to us as a distinguished member of a proud profession, please remember these things:

  • Any warrior may bring their own equipment or make use of Armory Services.
  • Any user of arcane power must guard their true name jealously. Please come the first day with an appropriate pseudonym. If you have shared your true name, file form TN-1 with the Arcanum, so that we can help you minimize your vulnerability.
  • Faith-based professionals, please remember that Noordin and Stonehame is an inclusive workplace, and that all faiths are respected and valued.
  • Those of the stealth trades may make use of the Reclamation Laboratory or supply their own equipment.
  • All employees must adhere to our strict standards of dress. No person shall wade into battle or danger with vitals or areas of locomotion exposed, your safety is our primary concern!

We look forward to working with you at Noordin and Stonehame, Rediscovering Our Past to Chart Our Future.

Kiera Mossbottom
Director of Recruitment
Department of Humanoid Resources
Bastion Principal Branch
Noordin and Stonehame Consolidated Holdings, AAC

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